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Strange Quarterly Promo Decisions Leave Players Befuddled

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Ever since an enormous group of upcoming MTG sets were previewed at Gen Con, we’ve had a ton to look forward to. We’ve got the Doctor Who crossover and the Lost Caverns of Ixalan coming soon in 2023, but we were also given a lot of information about what MTG sets are arriving in 2024. Between exciting MTG crossovers and premier sets with unique themes, there’s something for everyone.

As it turns out, for players that attend WPN Premium stores, there may be even more incentive to play in events at your local store. Wizards of the Coast has announced that WPN Premium stores will be receiving promo cards for every quarter of 2024 as well as this last quarter of 2023 to distribute amongst players. If you want the chance to get your hands on these promos, here’s how you can do it.


Lotus Petal

Each quarter, from Q4 of 2023 through Q4 of 2024, there will be opportunities for players at WPN Premium stores to obtain specific promos. WPN Premium stores will receive a minimum of 20 promos associated with each quarter. All five promos showcase one of MTG’s five colors, featured in order around the color pie.

Additionally, as long as a WPN Premium store submits their Point of Sale data on time and accurately, they will receive 7 more promos, for a total of 27. Notably, store owners can choose to use these promos in any way they want. This includes using them as prizes during events or as bonus products given as sales incentives. Store owners can also choose to sell the promos outright, though the hope is that the players benefit in some way too.

The downside, as we will see, is that most of these promos feature cards that are traditionally not worth very much. For promos that are specific to WPN Premium stores, it would’ve been awesome to see some more intriguing promos being utilized. For example, all WPN stores, regardless of Premium status, were sent copies of the Lotus Petal promo in part to celebrate Magic’s 30th anniversary. Even still, Lotus Petal promos have a price tag of roughly $18 according to TCGplayer market price and is a competitive staple in formats like Legacy. Lotus Petal definitely outshines these upcoming quarterly promos. Let’s take a look at these promos in question.

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Reprint Value

The first promo given to stores for Q4 of 2023 is Serra Angel. Serra Angel, while iconic, is a relatively cheap card that has been reprinted many times before. The card is worth under 10 cents in its cheapest traditional form according to TCGplayer market price. Of course, alternate art promos can often be worth much more than their traditional counterparts, especially if they are in low supply. Perhaps because these promos are restricted to WPN Premium stores they will be worth more than expected, but the reprint value of Serra Angel is still quite small.

Q1 of 2024 features Lord of Atlantis, which is worth significantly more normally than Serra Angel. Traditional copies of Lord of Atlantis go for roughly $8, the most of any of the five quarterly promos along with Zombie Master. Speaking of Zombie Master, that’s the Q2 promo, and it also sits at roughly $8. Next up is Goblin King for Q3. Goblin King is yet another payoff for typal strategies, sitting at roughly $4.

byu/Copernicus1981 from discussion

Finally, the Q4 promo is Gaea’s Liege, which has a price tag of about 25 cents in its cheapest form. It’s strange to see that the black, red, and blue promos are all typal payoffs with reasonable price tags, while the white and green promos are quite cheap and don’t fit the theme. In addition, Gaea’s Liege is the only quarterly promo without flavor text, which is a strange choice overall. Sure, Gaea’s Liege has a rather large textbox, making it difficult to fit flavor text, but that further makes the decision to use Gaea’s Liege as the promo of choice a questionable one.

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The Real Value

Cavern of Souls

While the quarterly promos themselves aren’t all reprints of super valuable cards, there will be a chance for players to potentially get their hands on an awesome reprint from the Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Each quarter that WPN Premium stores submit their Point of Sale data on time and accurately, these stores will also receive seven copies of the neon yellow Cosmium Ink Cavern of Souls from the Lost Caverns of Ixalan!

byu/Copernicus1981 from discussion

Currently, a traditional copy of Cavern of Souls has a rather hefty price tag of $38. Of note, this is down over $5 since September 17 according to TCGplayer market price history, and the card could plummet even further. That being said, Cavern of Souls is a strong card that will soon be legal in Standard and Pioneer, which could help keep the card in high demand.

Therefore, despite being reprinted and used as the upcoming annually rotating promo for WPN Premium stores that submit data accordingly, there’s still room for Cavern of Souls to maintain a decent price tag. After all, the Cosmium Ink variants look cool too. Regardless of their overall value, getting to obtain these promos from your local game store is a neat bonus, and the Cavern of Souls promo in particular is certainly a nice inclusion.

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