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29, Mar, 24

Thunder Junction Face Commander Creates Multiple 2-Card Infinite Combos!

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Anyone who’s taken a look at the recently spoiled Outlaws of Thunder Junction Face Commanders may notice something a little different. The artwork on these cards look absolutely dazzling. Generally, full art artwork like this would be found in Collector Booster packs, but this time around, the previewed artwork can be found right in the Commander precon!

One of these four Commanders also looks particularly deadly. It’s really easy to take this card and go infinite with it. You generally only need two cards to do it, and both spells can easily cost three mana or less. Stella Lee, Wild Card may be a scary addition to even the cEDH format.

Going Infinite with a Bunch of Different Stuff

Stella Lee, Wild Card

Stella Lee, Wild Card is the face Commander for the upcoming Quick Draw Commander deck. This deck appears to be Izzet spellslinger-themed.

Stella Lee awards players for casting multiple spells in a turn. Casting two spells grants you an Impulse draw that lasts until the end of your next turn. If you’re able to cast multiple spells on each player’s turn, this can become an incredibly powerful card advantage engine.

The last ability, however, is what has some MTG players freaking out. Its incredibly easy to go infinite with Stella Lee’s final ability. Here’s how.

Twitter user Elder Drunken Highlander highlighted one potential infinite combo with Stella Lee. Make sure her activated ability copies Twisted Fealty, and have all of the copies target Stella Lee. This will untap Stella Lee and give her a Wicked Role. With one copy of Twisted Fealty still on the stack, you can then tap Stella Lee and copy Twisted Fealty again. The new Wicked Role will replace the old one, forcing your opponents to lose one life. Repeat this process infinitely.

This opens the door for other instants and sorceries that untap Stella Lee to go infinite. After a bit of digging, here’s the interesting effects that can go infinite with Stella via untapping her, and what those cards can achieve. Do note that all of these can be included in a Commander deck helmed by Stella lee, and they are all three mana or less:

  • Twisted Fealty (Infinite life loss)
  • Cerulean Wisps (Infinite card draw)
  • Bloody Betrayal (Infinite Blood Tokens)
  • Furnace Reigns (Infinite Treasure if you can connect with Stella Lee)
  • Hidden Strings (Infinite taps/untaps, Infinite mana)
  • Infuse (Infinite card draw, but delayed)
  • Jolt (Infinite card draw, but delayed)
  • Kari Zev’s Expertise (Infinite free casts for cards with mana value two or less)
  • Mark of Mutiny (Infinitely large Stella Lee)
  • Pack’s Betrayal (Infinite Scry if you control a Wolf or Werewolf)
  • Refocus (Infinite card draw)
  • Shore Up (Infinitely large Stella Lee and Hexproof)
  • Toils of Night and Day (Infinite taps/untaps, infinite mana)
  • Triton Tactics (Infinite toughness)
  • Twitch (Infinite card draw)

There are more Act of Treason effects that go infinite with Stella Lee, but they don’t really accomplish anything if there’s nothing else going on. That said, infinite spell copies can accomplish some powerful things.


While payoffs that award you for casting spells like Aetherflux Reservoir still could be good shouts for Stella Lee, if you’re trying to maximize her ability to go infinite by copying spells, Magecraft effects are the way to go.

Magecraft from Strixhaven: School of Mages triggers whenever an instant or sorcery spell is cast or copied. This means that spells copied with Stella Lee’s ability will trigger Magecraft.

Like the untap effects that go infinite with Stella Lee, there are a variety of different Magecraft cards that accomplish different things. Archmage Emeritus is a rather popular Magecraft card, for example, that would grant infinite card draw.

Here are a series of Magecraft effects that could create powerful outcomes alongside infinite copied spells (that can be played in a deck with Stella Lee as the Commander):

  • Archmage Emeritus (Infinite card draw)
  • Deekah, Fractal Theorist (Infinite creature tokens)
  • Veyran, Voice of Duality (Infinitely large Veyran)
  • Storm Kiln Artist (Infinite Treasure, infinite mana)
  • Zaffai, Thunder Conductor (Infinite Scry, creature tokens and damage depending on the mana value of the copied spell)

There is also, bizarrely, a Sticker Sheet card that grants Archmage Emeritus’s ability to a creature.

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Cheap Enablers

The only hurdle to pulling off these infinite combos with Stella Lee is that the ability can only be activated if you’ve cast three or more spells that turn.

Notably, those spells do not have to be instants or sorceries, but if you’re planning on building around this Commander and maximizing her final ability, using cheap instants and sorceries to get your count up certainly makes sense.

Consider cheap cantrips like Consider, Opt and Sleight of Hand. If you have payoffs that these trigger in your deck, they’re usually well worth the one mana. Otherwise, these will help trigger Stella Lee’s second ability. All of the extra card advantage will just help you find your infinite later.

Because cheap spells of any type enable Stella’s ability, there’s good reason to include a series of cheaper fast mana as well. Lotus Petal, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt and other incredibly powerful cards can enable Stella Lee’s abilities. Even if you can’t copy them, they accelerate your mana and trigger Stella’s Impulse draw effect.

Watch for effects like See the Truth that get stronger when cast from exile. If you’re consistently activating Stella Lee’s Impulse draw effect, drawing three cards for two mana is likely worth the times where you draw it. Of course, cards like Brainstorm can always stack your deck, allowing you to Impulse draw whatever you choose.

Otherwise, Stella Lee also needs to be able to tap, which could be more difficult than it looks. If it becomes clear that your Commander is threatening to win the game if you untap with her, players will kill Stella Lee on sight.

Consider cards like Thousand-Year Elixir that allow Stella to tap immediately. Otherwise, Expedite could be an incredible cantrip for Stella Lee.

Be Conscious of Power Level

My last piece of advice to players who are interested in trying these combos for themselves is to be conscious of the power level that they’re building Stella Lee to. Throwing a bunch of combos and counterspells into your deck will be incredibly powerful, but you’ll likely need to find the right table for your shenanigans.

Stella Lee could easily be a strong Commander at some more moderate tables. Just take out the infinite combos that win the game outright and try to win in a slower way. Rule Zero conversations are always a great thing to have before sitting down for a game of Commander.

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