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New MTG Thunder Junction Crime Uncommon 1-Drop Excites Players

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction looks like a high-power MTG set. We’ve got multiple cards capable of cheating mana thanks to the new Plot mechanic. Judging from how well Discover went back in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, this has the potential to be a scary mechanic.

From new cards that draw cards off free spells, to multiple cards capable of cheating in an early Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter, Outlaws of Thunder Junction has a lot to offer. Looking past the tentpole Rare and Mythic Rare cards for a moment, some incredible uncommons were just spoiled to the internet, and players are going wild. It’s rare to see a one-drop creature this good!

Rewards for your Crimes

Forsaken Miner looks like an absolutely incredible addition for competitive formats. The card could easily see play in Standard and Pioneer, and could even reach older formats.

Forsaken Miner is a pretty simple card with some powerful text. Obtaining a 2/2 for one mana is already an interesting deal for formats with shallow card pools. Getting one with a slight downside is not unusual, but considering the ridiculous upside on this card, Forsaken Miner being unable to block is not a big deal.

Forsaken Miner is a recurrable creature. As long as you Commit a Crime, and have a black mana to pay, this card returns from the grave to the battlefield.

For those who are unaware, Committing a Crime in MTG is surprisingly easy, which is why so many players are excited about Forsaken Miner. As long as you’re targeting something connected to your opponent, whether it be them, their permanents, or their grave, you are Committing a Crime. Just don’t try to target cards in exile. Those don’t count.

This means that targeting your opponent with something like Thoughtseize, targeting their creatures with removal, or even with an activated ability, can grant an opportunity for players to recur Forsaken Miner.

Two different strategies quickly jump out when considering how to utilize this card best. Let’s start with Sacrificial synergies.

Sacrifice is Back?

Rakdos Sacrifice in Pioneer has taken a back seat. Ever since Izzet Phoenix got a power boost from Slight of Hand, that matchup has become problematic for the Cat Oven strategy. Add in the fact that Rakdos Vampires have an absolute nightmare card in the form of Vein Ripper, and Rakdos Sacrifice has very little going for it.

Forsaken Miner has some incredible synergy with Mayhem Devil. Targeting anything your opponents control is a Crime. This allows you to use an effect like Deadly Dispute to sacrifice the Miner, target something with Mayhem Devil, and get the Miner back after Committing a Crime.

Forsaken Miner has similar synergies with all kinds of sacrifice cards. Priest of Forgotten Gods can sacrifice the Miner and immediately target the opponent, bringing it back.

Meanwhile, over in Commander, Forsaken Miner creates a three-card infinite with Mayhem Devil, itself and Phyrexian Altar. Just sacrifice the Miner for black mana, target the opponent with Mayhem Devil, and reanimate your Miner to repeat the loop!

Insidious Roots

Insidious Roots has not been making waves alongside Cat Oven strategies, but Forsaken Miner can do a lot alongside this card as well. If you can consistently sacrifice and bring the creature back, you could create an army of plants that, in turn, tap for an army of mana. Maybe its not good enough for Pioneer, but could Insidious Roots have some Standard ingenuity attached?

Good ol’ Black Aggro

Honestly, any aggressive Black deck is probably interested in Forsaken Miner. As long as you’re committing some Crimes through removal, hand disruption, or creature abilities, you should be able to recur Forsaken Miner a few times. That’s generally enough for the card to have an acceptable impact.

Heck, this card could see some experimentation in Rakdos Scam in Modern. Between Thoughtseize, Grief and a slew of removal, lots of crimes are being committed in that aggressive deck.

Otherwise, the card will likely be considered for some graveyard synergies. Anything that can dump cards into the grave and can constantly commit Crimes is likely interested in Forsaken Miner.

Forsaken Miner is ultimately the most likely to see play in Standard. Pioneer is a bit of a wild card, and while this effect is definitely strong enough for the format, it may not attack the current metagame at the right angle.

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Another Powerful Uncommon

Slick Sequence looks absolutely fantastic in a variety of different decks. It’s not difficult for spellslinger decks to cast two spells by turn three, and Slick Sequence going face could even create some Izzet burn lists. Sure, doing two damage for two mana isn’t great, especially in Modern, but a card that can deal damage and draw a card may be good enough.

Slick Sequence could be an Izzet Phoenix contender in Pioneer, but that deck doesn’t really need card advantage. A two-damage spell for two mana may ironically end up being too clunky, even if it does draw a card. That said, players will definitely try it.

If you want to give Slick Sequence an honest go, this will likely only be decent in decks that have enough one drops to support it. Playing this alongside another two drop is still interesting, but two damage for two mana is overcosted enough that you want to make sure you can trigger the draw effect as consistently as possible.

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