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Spicy New MTG Arena Standard 2022 Crushing Meta

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The current state of the Standard 2022 has been evolving, with new decks coming out all the time. One of those spicy new brews is Dimir Kicker! Today we’ll break the deck down so you can take it to the ladder and crush the meta!

Mythic Quality

This deck was piloted to Mythic Rank by @HowlingMines over on twitter. The deck is an tempo deck that looks to take advantage of Roost of Drakes, and a bunch of kicker spells to flood the board with 2/2 Drake tokens. Let’s take a look at the spells that we’ll be working with.

Kicker Spells

Our main engine as I mentioned is Roost of Drakes, which creates a 2/2 Drake token when we cast a kicked spell. In addition to our tokens, we have Skyclave Shade to keep the aggression up, and it’s recursive from our graveyard. Bloodchief’s Thirst and Into the Roil are our main removal and tempo spells, allowing us to attack freely with our drakes. Sea Gate Stormcaller will help us double up on some of these spells and a few that we’ll talk about next. Jace, Mirror Mage is a great card advantage engine for us, and since we have a very low curve, it should be able to stick around for a while.

Support Cards

One of our best support creatures in the deck is Coralhelm Chronicler. This allows us to loot whenever we cast a kicked spell, and also lets us dig 5 cards deep to find a spell with kicker. Eyetwitch is a great early game chump blocker, as it let’s us learn. We’ll talk about the Learn board next. Our 2 major card advantage spells are Deadly Dispute and Village Rites. Both of these cards require that we sacrifice a creature to cast, but we ideally will have an excess of Drake tokens to sacrifice, or even Eyetwitch is a fine choice. Copying these two spells as well with Sea Gate Stormcaller nets us incredible value.

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Learn Board

Since this is a Best of 1 deck, we’re going to be playing a Learn Sideboard. Most of the cards are pretty standard choices here, but one that I haven’t seen too much of is Teachings of the Archaics. Since we’re an aggro deck, we have a pretty good chance of being able to draw cards from this.

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I played a few games with the deck, and it’s really fun to play. Definitely give this one a shot!

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