9, May, 22

Smashing the Best Explorer Decks Together Is A Busted Result

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Article at a Glance

Explorer is a booming place! There’s tons of innovation and variety in the format, and while there are a good number of top tier decks, you can do well with almost anything. Well, today we’re bringing you a SPICY list by none other than Fireshoes. The mad genius smashed 3 of the best decks in the format together, and what you get is something incredible.

Mardu Winota Grease

That’s quite the name huh? So the decks that we’re smashing together are Winota, Greasefang, and Rakdos Midrange. Let’s take a peek at the deck list.

Really this does look a lot like a mish mash of Winota and Greasefang. But what’s awesome is that within the Greasefang shell, we have some really solid enablers for Winota, Joiner of Forces.

To kick things off, Stitcher’s Supplier is a way for us to fuel our graveyard. It attacks and blocks profitably, as well as triggers Winota. Bloodtithe Harvester is an all star. The blood token it generates gives us a discard outlet for our vehicles, it’s a great removal tool, and isn’t a human. Lastly Rotting Regisaur is a house. A 3 mana 7/6 can get the job done rather quickly, and it’s also a stellar discard outlet.

Wizards of the Coast

As for our Winota payoffs, we have a couple of real bangers. Kenrith, the Returned King is a pretty common one, even in normal Winota decks. In the Naya versions, we can take advantage of treasures to utilize all of Kenrith’s abilities. While we’re limited to the Mardu abilities, that’s enough for what we want to do.

Wizards of the Coast

The other finisher we’re bringing to the party is Angrath’s Marauders. This is was an original finisher in Winota decks back in the day, allowing our creatures to put in a ton of damage very quickly.

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Obviously, Greasefang, Okiba Boss is also a Winota enabler as well, so the synergy is there. We’re rocking the same payoffs for Greasefang in Parhelion II, and Skysovereign, Consul Flagship.

Pitching either of these cards to the graveyard, and reanimating them with Greasefang gives us a very quick and powerful source of damage. There’s also a world where we can have one of these in the graveyard, play a Winota, reanimate either of these two and crew it with Winota. Then these each add to the Winota trigger count as well.

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While we are in essence 2 combo decks shoved together, the deck is surprisingly resilient and can grind the midgame until it gets its plan online. Sure we definitely want to try and go for our combos where possible, but we don’t have to if we’re disrupted.

This deck may end up actually being a meme, but in my testing, it felt pretty darn good. Even in games where we had our hand disrupted, or some of our early game removed, it never felt like the deck struggled to get on the board and succeed. Even when resources were limited, cards like Skysovereign helped to stabilize the board and gave us a fighting chance.

Give the deck a try and let us know what you think about it!

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