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Simian Spirit Guide Art from Time Spiral Remastered Sells for $12,000

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The new Simian Spirit Guide art sells for $12,000!

Last Saturday, March 6, 2021, the original oil painting of Lucas Graciano’s Simian Spirit Guide sold on the MTG Art Market Facebook group for $12,000.

Lucas Graciano

Graciano’s Simian Spirit Guide art was commissioned for the the recently-released Time Spiral Remastered set. This version is the first new artwork for the Magic: The Gathering card since its original printing. However, this card was recently banned in the Modern format due to its ability to accelerate mana in early turns.

Wizards of the Coast

Simian Spirit Guide by Lucas Graciano is a work of oil on Masonite measuring 14 inches by 18 inches, and the original painting was offered by Heiko Schmidt of Tokyo MTG acting as agent for the artist. Its opening bid was $8,000, and the final bid was $12,000, and collector known in the comments as “Wk Wk” has added Graciano’s art to their collection.

An associated sketch not included with the original painting was also offered to the winner at a set price of $1,500, according to the agent. The agent hasn’t announced whether the auction winner purchased the sketch.

Lucas Graciano

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Time Spiral Remastered is now available for tabletop play.


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