8, Mar, 21

Scarlet Witch Featured in Awesome New Magic: The Gathering Alter

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Article at a Glance

Magic: The Gathering and Marvel are two of the most popular entertainment franchises that fans love, and although we haven’t seen an official crossover between the two, various artists have designed alternate-art Magic cards featuring characters from the Marvel universe, and the latest one features Scarlet Witch.

MRB Alters has illustrated a mind-blowing borderless Chaos Warp alter featuring the Scarlet Witch art inspired by Joe Quesada’s House of M cover. Check it out:

MRB Alters – Original art by Joe Quesada from Marvel Comics

Here’s the original Chaos Warp card:

Wizards of the Coast

And here’s the original Scarlet Witch House of M art by Joe Quesada:

Marvel Comics

If you haven’t watched Disney+’s WandaVision or read Marvel’s House of M comic, then you probably wouldn’t understand the context of this card. This alter was probably inspired by the recent episodes of WandaVision, and MRB Alters has done a fantastic job in this wicked alter.

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According to MRB Alters, all of his alters are painted using Golden Fluid Acrylics. The talented artist created alters with illustrations of characters from Star Wars, DC, Pokemon among many others before, and his latest Marvel-inspired alter is clearly one of his best yet.

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