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Roguelike Card Game Inspires Some Awesome MTG Tokens

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We have seen some awesome looking tokens in the past that have been made by the community. From Pokemon to hand drawn stuff, tokens are the medium for players to be creative and express themselves. Once again, someone in the community drew some inspiration from another card game and made some awesome tokens!

Enter Inscryption

Inscryption is a new roguelike, deckbuilding horror game by Daniel Mullins Games. It’s picked up a bit of popularity recently, and honestly it’s a very cool game. Reddit user Enraged_Jellyfish made some Magic: the Gathering tokens that have are inspired by the cards in Inscryption. These are all pretty generic creature tokens, but are prefect for games of Commander.

First up is an 0/1 plant token, which could be great for cards like Avenger of Zendikar

Next is everyone’s favorite creature type, the squirrel. These probably show up a bit more often in commander now.

Following up the Squirrel is a 2/2 Wolf token. These have application across multiple formats, but this is pretty menacing looking Ranger Class token.

Next up is a 3/3 Beast token that is in the form of the Stoat, one of the most beloved characters in the game

Then we have a 4/4 Beast token that’s a Bear.

Lastly, they made a 5/5 worm token, which is a bit more niche, but still cool nonetheless.

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If you like this style of art, and love roguelike games, definitely check out Inscryption over on Steam, and if you dig these tokens, head over the Enraged_Jellyfish’s Reddit Post and let them know!

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