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Ravnica Remastered Showcases Incredible Retro MTG Reprints!

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Today is the last Weekly MTG show for the rest of the year! Since the entire card list for Ravnica Remastered will be available on Wizards of the Coast’s website shortly, a ton of new cards were revealed between today’s previews and yesterday’s previews from Tolarian Community College. There are lots of exciting retro bordered reprints hitting the scene. Let’s take a look at some newly revealed Ravnica Remastered reprints appearing in the main set!

Cloudstone Curio

Cloudstone Curio is an absolutely fantastic reprint! This artifact is a crucial cog to many infinite combos within Commander. Perhaps one of the more famous ones involves Animar, Soul of the Elements. No matter what combo it is you try to assemble with this card, you’ll generally be bouncing cards over and over to your hand to rack up a ton of enter the battlefield effects.

While Cloudstone Curio was worth a ton of money once upon a time, the card’s recent (and direly needed) reprinting in Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth has shot the price down to $15. Regardless, if you ever wanted a retro bordered Cloudstone Curio, it now exists.

Karlov of the Ghost Council originally came to MTG through the Commander 2015 set. The only other printing available for the card, previous to Ravnica Remastered, is a Judge foil variant. As a result, this card holds a surprisingly costly secondary market price of about $18-20. Players who want to utilize this Commander or otherwise place it in their lifegain decks may be able to grab it for a bargain once Ravnica Remastered hits shelves.

Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God

The War of the Spark’s very own Nicol-Bolas, Dragon-God is also getting a reprint in Ravnica Remastered! This Planeswalker, while seeing fringe competitive play, is mostly a Commander card. Whether you want to try it in Superfriends or in a Nicol-Bolas themed deck, this card has very few printings in existence.

As far as secondary market value goes, this Planesewalker is worth about $6.

Guild Showcases

While Ravnica Remastered stands as a reprint set, it’s also supposed to be drafted. Many players may agree that, if one decides to revisit the plane of Ravnica, they better be able to draft their favorite guilds! Since Weekly MTG organized many of the reprints in the themes of guilds, so will we.

The Azorius showcase did not have much to write home about. Lavinia, Azorius Renegade doesn’t have a ton of secondary market value behind it, but it is an incredibly useful card that sees Commander, Modern and Pioneer play.

Blazing Archon and Hellkite Tyrant are both cards that should pique the interest of Commander players. Thanks to the absurd amount of artifacts in Commander, Hellkite Tyrant connecting with an opponent can easily take them out of the game. Even without the literal printed ability to win the game, the amount of advantage that one good attack can get you could be unsurmountable.

While Blazing Archon isn’t too expensive, its a rather fun card to use in Commander. Who doesn’t want a gigantic creature that simply reads ‘creatures can’t attack you’?

Hellkite Tyrant has a moderate secondary market value of about $8.50.

There aren’t a lot of exciting cards coming out of the Dimir archetype, but this selection does show off why reprinting split cards in this set may be interesting for some. As mentioned in the Weekly MTG show, Wizards of the Coast decided to reprint split cards in the Ravnica Remastered set because it is otherwise somewhat difficult to find a place to reprint them. Ironically, following the rise of Discover Combo, some players are interested in Connive/Concoct. While Geological Appraiser is banned, Quintorius Kand remains as a viable one-card Discover combo choice.

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Deathrite Shaman is an interesting reprint, but maybe not for the reasons players think. The card is undeniably powerful, but it is actually introducing a new Retro border treatment that players love, at least they did during the reveal of it.

Pictured above is the new hybrid Retro Border treatment, inspired by the normal card border for cards like Deathrite Shaman with hybrid mana/color identity. While the Shaman may no longer see play outside of Commander, players can now play the Shaman in style.

Otherwise, players who want to try Dredge in a Limited environment may have the chance to do so. Golgari Grave-Troll is another card banned out of relevance otherwise due to Dredging too many cards. While it could be an interesting bomb in Limited, it’s a dud otherwise.

Ilharg fans are getting a retro border and a borderless anime treatment that they can look forward to. Domri Rade also receives a borderless anime treatment with this set for players interested in utilizing him. Sadly, neither of these cards see much play outside of Commander, but don’t let this fool you. Ilharg is both difficult to get rid of and can put a ton of power onto the battlefield out of nowhere.

The Booster Fun treatments for the Izzet portion of the Weekly MTG showcase look quite interesting! While none of these reprints are particularly expensive, Izzet Charm is a rather popular uncommon that saw play in Izzet Phoenix for quite some time, but is now a fringe pick at best. Regardless, many of these cards will find homes in various spellslinging Commander decks.

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Teysa has gotten a facelift! This Commander isn’t the more popular one. Otherwise, Kaya, Orzhov Usurper has also been announced as a reprint as part of the Orzhov showcase.

The Rakdos showcase reveals Infernal Tutor as a new reprint! This is an incredibly powerful tutor option when used alongside Lion’s Eye Diamond, making it rather popular in the Legacy format. Otherwise, the card sees fringe play in Commander.

Bedeck/Bedazzle is another example of a reprint that many players would (and still likely do) groan about until the recent rise of Discover combo in Pioneer. Now, some players may be trying to acquire these.

Additionally, retro frame treatments have been provided for Skewer the Critics, Light Up the Stage, Mayhem Devil and Infernal Tutor! Burn players should have some new cards to pick up from Ravnica Remastered!

Chord of Calling is getting a reprint with a retro frame treatment! Considering this card’s rising popularity in the Amalia Combo deck in Pioneer, and its longstanding popularity in the Yawgmoth combo deck in Modern, Chord of Calling is one reprint that players have been asking for.

There is a retro border Chord of Calling in existence, but it is not easy to acquire. This Chord of Calling was one of the extremely rare Magic 30 prerelease promotional cards that was exclusively available in Portuguese. Picky players now have retro framed English copies as an option, and they should be available for a margin of the price.

Collector Booster Exclusives

This isn’t everything that Ravnica Remastered has to offer. We already know that some of these cards, including the Shock Lands which have a higher opening rate for the set, will be available in Serialized treatments in Collector Booster Packs.

Things go a tad bit further than that, however. There’s actually a list of cards that will exclusively be reprinted in retro border treatments in Collector Boosters. This is mostly due to them not playing well in Limited for various reasons. We will showcase those cards in another article shortly.

finally, my personal favorite reprint in this set? Retro bordered Arboreal Grazer. If I’m excited about that, someone else is bound to be, too.

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