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Powerful Isn't Always Fun

Sometimes too much optimization can take the fun out of things, so maybe try thinking a little differently.
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There’s a temptation when building a new deck, to just make it as obnoxiously powerful as possible. When playing and fine-tuning any new creation, the general aim is always towards power. You want your deck to be as potent as possible, the kind of thing that other decks fear/want to be/want to be with.

It’s only natural, after all, it’s a competitive game, and it’s completely normal to want to come out on top when you play. However, it’s also something that can detract from the fun of the game, not just for other people, but also for yourself. Magic is a game all about interactions and oddities, and sometimes, that means that to get the most out of a deck, you might want to go against the desire to win.

It’s about style, baby

Now, we’re not really talking about competitive play here, as we completely understand wanting the maximum amount of power in your deck when you’re playing for prizes, money, or maybe even trying to make a career out of MTG. However, if you’re in just about any other setting, you should definitely try and play around a bit with your deck, and maybe aim to take advantage of silly interactions

No matter what format you’re playing, there’s likely a card or a couple of cards that you genuinely believe could be good, if only they had the right support. It pays to act on those instincts and properly test things out, even if they’re not part of the meta.

Doing so will help you grow as a player in a lot of ways. For starters, learning more interactions absolutely helps your brain to become more malleable, and it makes it far easier to start thinking outside of just whatever the meta is. It’ll also help you become a better deckbuilder, and help you understand what does and doesn’t make a good card. Also, and this is probably the best bit, it’s simply a lot of fun to play around with things that most people aren’t paying attention to.

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