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Post Malone Calls MTG ”The Best Game Ever Created” After Buying $2 Million Card

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While Magic: the Gathering is indisputably one of the biggest card games in the entire world, occasionally, the game will even make its mark on mainstream news following a massive event. The most recent one was the appearance of Magic’s most expensive card: a two-million dollar serialized The One Ring released as part of Wizards of the Coast’s Lord of the Rings and MTG crossover. There is only one copy of this serialized MTG card available, making it alike to the Wonka’s Golden Ticket of the MTG universe.

It would later be discovered that the serialized One Ring was opened in Toronto, Ontario. Found by Brooke Trafton, who has shared that he will use the money to help him retire early, the MTG fan got the chance to live out his dream when opening this card: meeting Post Malone and selling Magic’s most expensive card to him.

Since Post Malone bought The One Ring, he recently appeared on a podcast talking about the experience.

Post Malone Buying The One Ring

Throughout the podcast, which happened about a week ago, Post Malone discussed his purchase of the two million dollar One Ring when talking with Joe Rogan:

“I bought a crazy crazy card, probably the most irresponsible use of my money I’ve experienced. I bought a two million dollar Magic: the Gathering card. […] Its a Lord of the Rings Magic the Gathering collab they did, and there’s only one of them.”

Following on from this admission, Posty discussed Trafton and what they had been told of their experience finding The One Ring.

“So out of all the boosters, all the collectors packs they sold, that was the one, and a guy in Toronto, his name is Brooke, he’s an absolute legend and he worked at Costco and he went to his local game store and pulled it out of a pack and it was a two million dollar card.”

Many who have played Magic for quite some time know now that Post Malone is one of the highest-profile people that support the game. Appearing multiple times on the Command Zone Podcast, Post Malone is absolutely in love with Magic, as is made apparent in this video.

“The way that it works is like a chess. Its a game of nuance, and its just, like, its the best game ever created. […] Getting together with my buddies, and you just got three good friends, four including me, and you’re just sitting there, smoking, drinking, talking shit just like this, but you’re also playing chess with over 50,000 different pieces you can utilize and create whatever you want with. Its an amazing experience.”

Post Malone

Ask many MTG players, and they’ll say a similar thing. Regardless of how cheesy it sounds, ‘The Gathering’ is the best part about Magic: the Gathering. TCG’s are inherently a social game – you literally cannot play the game without interacting with another person.

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Some Interesting Facts

During the podcast, a bunch of unique facts ended up coming up in conversation as Magic and gaming at large were discussed.

  • There are almost 78,000 unique MTG cards available right now. While this number includes reprints from different sets, art treatments, and foils, this number is nevertheless massive!
  • The number one game worldwide, at the moment, at least in terms of concurrent players, is likely either Minecraft or Roblox.

Post Malone Also Has the Most Iconic MTG Card

Before The One Ring sold for this incredible amount, the most expensive MTG card was also the most iconic. Unsurprisingly, this is typical for most card games. After all, once a card has achieved the most expensive title, it’s hard for it not to be famous too. This is certainly the case for Pokémon’s rarest card, an Illustrator Pikachu.

Selling for an immense $5.275 million, this PSA 10 graded copy of the card was bought by YouTuber Logan Paul. While this card is definitely expensive, and famous because of it, arguably, MTG’s Black Lotus is still even more iconic. Originally released in Magic’s first set, this is considered one of the rarest and most powerful cards in history. Able to sacrifice itself in exchange for three colored mana, this can easily lead to instant win scenarios.

Before The One Ring was released back in June 2023, Black Lotus was the most expensive MTG card available. Unlike The One Ring’s serialized version, more than one Black Lotus exists. Post Malone, however, is also the owner of the most expensive variant of this card.

Purchased for about $800,000, Post Malone owns an artist-proof version of the iconic Black Lotus. The card is also signed by the artist Chris Rush. Basically, this is one of, if not, the rarest versions of one of the rarest cards that exist in Magic: the Gathering.

It Couldn’t Have Gone to a Better Person

Upon initially hearing that Post Malone ended up with The One Ring, fans couldn’t have been happier. Between Brooke, who seems like a genuinely fantastic person who opened the card, and one of the highest profile players receiving it, the story of The One Ring is one of the biggest, and most heartwarming stories that the community has seen in quite some time.

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