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26, Dec, 22

Players Discover a Fresh Influx of $100 New Cards!?

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As more Secret Lairs begin to grace players’ doorsteps, more and more Bonus Slot cards are being discovered. These cards are never previewed in any way, shape, or form by Wizards of the Coast, so it’s difficult to know what they are until players start opening their goodies and posting them themselves. This creates some FOMO moments where players open a precious bonus Secret Lair slot, but, for the most part, there are a lot of stinkers. Here are some of the newest bonus slot cards that we currently know about spoiled over the Christmas break!

Shadowborn Apostle

We just talked about this in another article because of just how much this card is an outlier from the other cards we are currently seeing. This Shadowborn Apostle was discovered in a December 2022 Superdrop Secret Lair that shipped early. Found in Just Add Milk, this is the newest Shadowborn Apostle among a series of $100 premium cards that tend to hold a ton of value on the secondary market. You can read more about this here.

Frank Frazetta Secret Lair Bonus Card

Everyone’s favorite discount Lightning Bolt is back! This isn’t doing much in excitement or value, but the artwork is incredible. Previewed on Reddit, you can find this exclusive Secret Lair Bonus Slot card in the art of Frank Frazetta.

While the bonus card isn’t much to scoff at, outside of the incredible artwork, the same cannot be said for the Frank Frazetta Secret Lair. As one of the most renowned fantasy artists in history, the Secret Lair’s artwork is absolutely stunning. Temporal Manipulation and Seize the Day ensure that you get about your money’s worth in terms of singles, but these artworks are likely to catch a premium in the secondary market. If you want to buy one of these Secret Lairs, you can still do so. Just know that this slot is likely locked, so there probably will not be any dice rolling for a Shadowborn Apostle with this Secret Lair.

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Aleksi Briclot Secret Lair bonus Card

Previewed on Reddit, this Secret Lair bonus card may be slightly disappointing. Considering Eldrazi Tron is on the rise in Modern, another copy of Thought-Knot Seer may not be bad. That said, the card isn’t exactly doing you any favors financially. These colorless (not Devoid, the coloring of the image) cards have been done for past guest artist Secret Lairs and have received varying responses from the community.

Sidewinder Sliver and More

In the continuing trend of full-art Sliver cards, Sidewinder Sliver has joined the massive array of Sliver cards you may find in Secret Lairs without a dedicated bonus slot! Another card found in Just Add Milk, a Redditor has confirmed that Just Add Milk comes with an unfixed Secret Lair bonus slot.

Sidewinder Sliver gives all creatures Flanking. This is a keyword that we do not see all that often, so for context, here is what the keyword does! This was taken from another copy of Sidewinder Sliver found in Time Spiral:

Whenever a creature without flanking blocks a Sliver, the blocking creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

The rare Secret Lair Bonus Slot card Tangle Wire has returned. Posted on Reddit, this appeared in the Yoji Shinkawa set. This is an older Secret Lair Bonus Slot card part of a series of schematic-like artifacts. These are rarer, so they all tend to have a secondary market price, but they are far behind that of a Shadowborn Apostle. Those lucky enough to find Tangle Wire who are not interested in it can try to sell it for somewhere between $25 and $35, depending on how poorly the card is warped out of the package.

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The Collection of Full Art Slivers Just Keeps Growing

The number of different full-art Sliver cards players find in these Secret Lairs is slowly becoming more and more baffling. It’s challenging to keep track of varying rarities between cards when there are so many different copies constantly being opened at relatively common intervals. It’s, therefore, becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of which Slivers are returning and which Slivers have been seen before.

To close things off, it seems that a new Secret Lair is being teased by Wizards of the Coast. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, but it was noteworthy enough to get some discussion. This Secret Lair will be a WPN exclusive, which is a lot different than what we’ve seen in the past. While this is the first Secret Lair that may not be directly sold by Wizards of the Coast, it is still sold exclusively by some of the company’s exclusive partners. Maybe if this does well, Wizards of the Coast could make a Secret Lair product for LGS, which would be an amazing effort to support the core of the MTG community. If you’re looking forward to Phyrexia: All Will Be One, this Secret Lair may be one for the books.

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