d&d class pin set pinfinity
20, Jan, 22

Pinfinity: Dungeons & Dragons Limited Edition Pin Set Review

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Next up in our series taking a look at the wonderful products from Pinfinity, we have the extremely limited Dungeons & Dragons AR 12 Pin Set to help bring your role-playing adventures into the 21st Century.

This set is limited to just 1974 units so don’t sleep on it! We’re going to take you through a quick rundown of what you can do with each of the pins and how they can take your sessions to the next level. On top of that, we’re also going to tell you how to get 20% off just for being an MTG Rocks reader!

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Limited Edition Dungeons & Dragons 12 Pin Set Review

d&d class pin set pinfinity

As part of Pifinity’s partnership with Wizards of the Coast, they not only have access to work on some amazing Magic: The Gathering products but Dungeons & Dragons too!

As the popularity of the tabletop RPG grows, so are the ways to enhance and improve the player experience throughout your adventures. This AR Pin Set is one major upgrade you can give your play sessions – with the permission of your DM, of course – and bring your game nights into the 21st century.

The primary function that these pins offer is a mini soundboard that relates to each class. Scanning a pin will offer six class-appropriate sounds you can use in covering actions like combat, spells and healing! Twelve classes in total are included; Barbarian, Bard, Rogue, Warlock, Sorcerer, Ranger, Fighter, Druid, Cleric, Wizard, Monk and Paladin.

Each pin also contains some incredible artwork that can be downloaded and used as a phone wallpaper. The content within the pins is also updatable meaning there’s the possibility that more features could be added over time. The pins are around 1.8×1.96in and made from zinc alloy with black nickel-free plating. On the back of the pin, simple rubber clasps are used as opposed to fragile brass or metal ones that degrade over time.

Even if you don’t plan to use these for their functionality, they make an amazing collector’s item that won’t be around for too much longer! You can use the code MTGROCKS to get 20% off anything on the Pinfinity website including their Pinfinity+ MTG subscriptions (on first payment only)

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What is Pinfinity+?

champions of kamigawa pinfinity plus perks

Pinfinity+ is full of amazing perks all for the one subscription cost. You’ll get discounts, early access to limited products and much more. You can see the perks for MTG members listed above which go above and beyond your average product subscription. New sets are currently released every two months thus why your subscription would be charged the same way. The Champions of Kamigawa set will start shipping on Tuesday, 15 February.

There are two subscription options available;

  • $29.99 + P&P every two months
  • $79.99 + P&P every six months (three subscription cycles) which is a saving of $10 over the standard subscription.

Better yet, we have an exclusive discount code that will get you 20% off anything in the store! It will also work your first Pinfinity+ subscription payment. Use MTGROCKS at checkout to receive this amazing discount! The Crimson Vow set is now in the vault so you can only purchase it with an active Pinfinity+ subscription.

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