26, Mar, 24

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Boasts Unexpected $55 Reprint!

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Article at a Glance

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is just around the corner, and there are a multitude of previews heading our way. Back in February, we got an initial glimpse at some of what the set had to offer. We learned about a new mechanic centered around committing Crimes that garnered a lot of hype. We also got a first look at two distinct subsets of cards with unique set symbols that can appear in Outlaws of Thunder Junction play boosters and collector boosters.

The first of these group of cards is known as the Breaking News bonus sheet, which features Crimes from MTG’s past. The second group of cards known as The Big Score, despite featuring a different set symbol, will indeed be Standard legal. The 30 mythic rares from The Big Score will also receive special Vault frame treatments.

Between the Breaking News bonus sheet, The Big Score, and Special Guest cards, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are A LOT of reprints coming our way. There are even some decent reprints featured in the main set that are sure to be Standard staples. These cards are bound to make cracking packs even more exciting and suspenseful.

Enemy Colored Fast Lands Return to Standard

Blooming Marsh

Right off the bat, we have a major cycle of reprints that will appear in the main set. Right now, only the allied colored fast Lands are in Standard. Those five Lands all appeared in Phyexia: All Will be One. These Lands are extremely powerful, especially in aggressive multi-color decks that desperately want access to untapped mana in the early turns.

Inspiring Vantage

For instance, one of the weaknesses with Boros Convoke in current Standard is the manabase. This deck doesn’t make great use of Sundown Pass because playing cards on curve in the first two turns is crucial. However, outside of Battlefield Forge, there aren’t great dual Land options available, so players will often resort to playing upwards of eight basic Lands. This makes the deck much less consistent. Now, the emergence of Inspiring Vantage is sure to be a major improvement for the deck.

Spirebluff Canal

Beyond a gameplay perspective, these Lands are also pretty pricy, so seeing them get a reprint is rather important. Spirebluff Canal is the most expensive, sitting at roughly $14 in its cheapest traditional form (according to TCGPlayer market price). Given its role in Modern Izzet Murktide and Pioneer Izzet Phoenix decks, this isn’t too shocking. Inspiring Vantage is next at roughly $9, while Blooming Marsh is about $7.

Botanical Sanctum
Botanical Sanctum and Concealed Courtyard are the cheapest, with price tags of roughly $4 and $1, respectively.

Concealed Courtyard

All of these Lands are welcome additions to Standard, joining their allied colored brethren.

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Breaking News Reprints

Mana Drain

Next, we have a handful of reprints from the Breaking News bonus sheet. Given that these Crimes cards aren’t Standard legal, there’s plenty of room to highlight some bangers, and Wizards of the Coast didn’t hold back.

Mana Drain is an incredibly powerful piece of counter magic that has been reprinted multiple times. Despite this and the fact that it’s banned in Legacy, the card still holds a whopping $55 price tag in its cheapest traditional form.

Oko, Theif of Crowns
Oko, Thief of Crowns is also a strong reprint choice, especially considering the fact that a new Oko Planeswalker appears in the new set. Oko used to be an absolute powerhouse in nearly every format until it got banned in a multitude of them. Simic Food was one of the most egregious Standard decks of all time, and Oko was the engine that made the deck tick. Even though it’s banned from Standard down to Legacy, it still sits at about $18.

Clear Shot

Of course, not every bonus sheet reprint is bound to be expensive. Both Mana Drain and Oko are mythic rares, but Breaking News cards will feature some lower rarity cards as well. For instance, Clear Shot is getting a reprint. It’s a flavorful card in a set with a Wild West theme but is worth under 10 cents in its cheapest traditional form.

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The Big Score Reprint

Torpor Orb

The Big Score is an interesting subset of cards that will be Standard legal and are not exclusively reprints. For example, we saw Sword of Wealth and Power previewed back when the Outlaws of Thunder Junction first look was revealed. However, we do have one nice reprint to share from this group.

This card is Torpor Orb. Torpor Orb is a unique card that shuts off enters-the-battlefield effects from Creatures, much like Hushbringer and Doorkeeper Thrull. Torpor Orb sometimes sees play alongside Karn, the Great Creator as a tutor target. While it isn’t exactly as powerhouse by today’s standards, Torpor Orb has only been printed in New Phyrexia back in 2011. As such, the card still costs roughly $7, and is finally getting a welcome reprint.

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Special Guests

Stoneforge Mystic

Lastly, just like with Murders at Karlov Manor play boosters, it’s possible to open Special Guest cards in Outlaws of Thunder Junction play boosters. These cards can appear in the same slot that encompasses cards from The List. Special Guest cards are exclusively reprints, and they’re tournament legality is not affected by their appearance in Thunder Junction packs.

Our first Special Guest reveal is a nice one: Stoneforge Mystic. Stoneforge Mystic was a card that remained banned in Modern for quite some time. Since its unbanning, it has seen immense success in Modern Colossus Hammer decks, helping you tutor your combo piece or even Kaldra Compleat if you were confident Stoneforge wouldn’t get removed.

Stoneforge has been reprinted multiple times, and its cheapest variant is actually a Grand Prix promo. Still, even this is worth around $18.

As you can see, between Stoneforge, Oko, Mana Drain, the Fastlands, and beyond, this set has a lot to offer in the way of unique reprints with new art or different booster treatment. This is only the beginning of spoiler season, too, so keep your eyes peeled for more pricy reprints as they get revealed.

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