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28, Jan, 23

New MTG Set Causes Problematic Commander Card to hit $50!

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Article at a Glance

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is a pretty powerful set of cards, which means that there will likely be a lot of secondary market spikes. We’ve seen multiple infinite combos impact the secondary market in a big way, but larger themes presented in the Phyrexia: All Will Be One set are also causing some cards to spike. While this particular Commander was a kill-on-sight card at many tables throughout its history, it’s less obnoxious now than it used to be. That said, with the rise of new Proliferate and Phyrexian synergies, Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice is seeing a huge uptick in interest.

Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice

atraxa, praetor's voice

Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice is a four mana WURG Creature that, honestly, is pretty simple. The card has a bunch of keywords and grants its controller an opportunity to Proliferate at the end of their turn. It’s a sizeable threat that grows everything around it and can be built in a ton of different ways.

The last point here is key since Atraxa is the most popular Commander of all the EDHREC decklists of the previous two years. Any deck that uses counters is one you’ll see Atraxa piloting. This could include Infect, +1/+1 counters, Loyalty counters for Superfriends, and even Lore counters for Sagas.

Financial Forecast

The excitement around Proliferate’s return seems to be huge. Atraxa has gained a ridiculous amount of secondary market value over the past two weeks. Most of the value gained is from Atraxa’s original Commander 2016 variant, which only comes in foil. It is still possible to find copies of this Atraxa under $50, but the card, for the most part, is at that mark now for Near Mint copies.

Fortunately, for those looking to pilot Atraxa in the near future, some slightly cheaper copies are out there. While many stores will have all of Atraxa’s copies available for $50, you can occasionally find a non-foil Atraxa for $40ish. Recent TCGplayer sales suggest foreign language copies may be your best bet buying Atraxa for a profit. I will stress, however, that it is very difficult to find an Atraxa that isn’t around the $50 mark.

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Dominaria Remastered Trending Up

birds of paradise

Dominaria Remastered draft booster boxes, from experience, can be pretty hit or miss. That may be part of the reason why some of the chase cards from Dominaria Remastered are starting to see upticks. Old-bordered cards seem to be the most popular, as they are taking the brunt of the upticks.

Birds of Paradise, in its old-bordered art, seems to be the biggest offender here. The non-foil version has dipped to about $8, but the foil version is an incredibly popular card right now. We’ve seen from recent sales that the foil version of this card is going for about $45. This foil multiplier is huge and rarely seen in modern MTG product. As such, it is very notable.

force of will

While Force of Will has still seen a significant drop in price since the printing of Dominaria Remastered, that copy of the card is starting to rebound. This means players looking to stock up on some cheaper copies of this card might want to do it now. Force of Will is currently floating between $70-$75 on TCGplayer, and price trends indicate that it’s likely to stay around there – or gain a little value. Like Birds of Paradise, the foil old-bordered version of this card has a surprising multiplier towards its value.

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sylvan library

Sylvan Library is also finding its price point relatively quickly, but this card still shows a bit more movement than Force of Will. The cheapest version of this card is currently floating between $25-30 but may be trending down slightly. The old-bordered Sylvan Library is consistently around the $30 mark, while the foil old-border card also has a premium.

What Should You Pick Up?

If you’re trying to buy cards on a budget but want the cards mentioned in the article, I would consider picking up Force of Will ASAP. Price trends suggest that this card is likely to keep regaining its lost value in the coming weeks, but there is a chance it could drop some more. Sylvan Library is a more significant question mark since its price trends are a lot less steady. Atraxa may stabilize at some point, but it could also keep rising in price. If you’re dedicated to playing this Commander, you may want to consider a foreign language one at a budget.

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