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4, Nov, 22

New MTG Playmat May Become Among the Most Expensive Ever!

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Article at a Glance

Magic 30 just passed, and a lot of financial statements have been made. If it’s not the insanity caused by the reselling of 30th Anniversary Edition singles, it’s the fact that those packs were being sold for a loss at the venue. Well, a new item has been shown off to the MTG world, and apparently, only 500 were printed. Collectors are already looking to buy these, and even though these are still incredibly fresh, prices are going up.

30th Anniversary MTG Playmat

30th Anniversary playmats have received strong reviews, and collectors are going nuts. Not only do these playmats look amazing in person, but there are only 500 of them in existence. While current sales do not match those on our top ten list regarding value, age is a significant factor here.

Current eBay sales are within expectations. Players looking to purchase a copy of the 30th Anniversary playmat should expect to pay around $250-300. History suggests that, at the size of this print run, the current deal for these mats is insane, and there is a solid chance that they will appreciate in value.

A Case Study

The foil iteration of the Grand Prix 2018 Black Lotus playmat is a solid example to compare the new 30th Anniversary playmats to. These generally rival the price of the 30th Anniversary mats but were part of a much larger print run. Here are the main differences between both mats:

  • The Grand Prix playmat apparently had a printing of 1600 compared to the 500-print run of these 30th Anniversary playmats.
  • There were a lot of complaints about the quality of the foiling with these playmats. The newer playmats, in comparison, have received excellent initial reviews.
  • The older playmats were used to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MTG.

When you consider the differences in quality, apparent print run, and time, there is a very strong argument that these 30th Anniversary Playmats will appreciate in price as the years come.

What are the Most Expensive MTG Playmats?

For those interested, the most expensive unsigned MTG playmats in our research were the Khalsa Games Spellground World Championship series playmats from the late 1990s to early 2000s. Playmats are an incredibly niche area in MTG, and there is not a lot of information out there, so there is a genuine chance that we missed something.

That said, expect these Khalsa Brain World Championship playmats to go for far above $1000 each. There are sales records of these mats selling for more than $3000! Obviously, the older your playmat is, the more valuable it will be.

Signed Playmats are King

Is there even a big market for expensive MTG playmats? Considering the difficulty of finding information when building the top 10 list, my answer would be no. If there were a larger market for vintage MTG playmats, it would, theoretically, be a lot easier to find information on sales for them.

That said, signed MTG playmats from the artist themselves will compete with the rarest Khalsa Games playmats out there. Anything that Christopher Rush (the artist of Black Lotus)’s signature touches seems to appreciate in value immediately. Either way, every MTG player tends to lug around a playmat that describes something about themselves. If these highly collectible variants do anything, they highlight your status as a dedicated MTG fan.

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