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New MTG EDH Trend Causes Cards to Spike Ten Times their Value!

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Article at a Glance

As has been demonstrated repetitively by our financial snapshots of the MTG marketplace, trends have a really big impact on the secondary market. A big example that is still impacting the market today is the rise of Wraith Typal decks. The Nazgul’s collectibility combined with the heavy appeal to create this archetype in Commander seemed to create a perfect storm.

These trends can affect the marketplace for quite some time, as has been seen with the current trend that has taken over the show. Tom Bombadil is quite the popular Commander, and his popularity is causing dollar cards to hit 20 dollars in a few weeks’ time. Let’s take a look.

Tom Bombadil’s MTG Saga Obsession

Tom Bombadil himself is not seeing a massive price increase, but his existence in the EDH space is making a ton of cards more expensive. For WUBRG, you get a 4/4 that really cares about telling stories and, in Magic, stories are generally represented by Sagas. So, when one story is about to conclude, Tom Bombadil will start telling another. As an added bonus, if you have at least four Lore counters (Sagas use these to trigger their chapters) under your control, Tom Bombadil is Indestructible and Hexproof, making it very difficult to remove.

The Biggest Price Jumps

Anyway, now that we know why these cards are jumping in price, its time to look at what MTG Saga and Saga-related cards are seeing huge price jumps in the secondary market.

In the Darkness Bind Them

The new Grixis Saga from the Hosts of Mordor Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander deck is definitely the flashiest card on the secondary market right now. For five mana, you get a completely Tempted Ring, three Wraiths with Menace and an opportunity to Act of Treason[/tootips] a creature from each other player over the course of four turns, which is a ton of value for five mana.

The price history of In the Darkness Bind Them is a weird one. Starting at $10 during prerelease season, the price dropped down to $1.50, which is a typical relationship between prerelease and release prices of a card. Following this, however, In the Darkness Bind Them jumped back up. Currently $17.50 appears to be the higher end of what the card is selling for, with $15 being the lower end.

Tom Bombadil is definitely a driver for this price change, but the card may just be better than players expected. I remember playing with this card and being deeply impressed with it. Having one card that can obtain all of the abilities available via Tempting the Ring, while providing evasive Ring Bearers, is just an absurd effect.

The Horus Heresy

Like Lord of the Rings, Magic’s other massive Universes Beyond set, Warhammer 40K, also has a ton of powerful Sagas to offer for Bombadil players’ consideration. Another Grixis colored Saga, The Horus Heresy is seeing a huge price spike over the past week.

The Horus Heresy has a rather sinister lineup of effects. The card first takes a creature hostage for as long as the MTG Saga sticks around. After that, you get to draw a card for each creature you control but don’t own. To translate a bit, this means other player’s creatures that you’ve taken control of. Thanks to the first chapter of The Horus Heresy, this chapter will likely cantrip.

The final chapter forces players to pick a creature and destroy it. Four creatures, generally, will be dying to this trigger, which is a lot of value at first glance. Sadly, your opponents get to choose three of the targets here, so there’s a good chance you’ll be losing something. Bombadil should be in a place where it cannot be destroyed since The Horus Heresy offers three Lore counters (you still need one more), but if its the only Saga on your board, this could be a problem.

Either way, The Horus Heresy was only worth about 50 cents a week ago. Now the card is selling for $5-6 on average.

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Previously Mentioned Cards

Kiora Bests the Sea God has seen a few newsworthy spikes as of late, but the card’s most recent one was what ticked off many that Sagas are still exerting an influence on the secondary market. We talked about this card previously so we won’t go too in-depth besides giving an update on prices. That update, by the way, is that Kiora Bests the Sea God is now going for around $15. The card has not stopped increasing in price since mid-June.

We also mentioned Birth of the Imperium last week as the most startling price increase. In The Darkness Bind Them has definitely taken the crown now but, at the time, that card wasn’t quite worth what it is now.

This card rose from just 38 cents apiece to $7, but does not look to be increasing further.

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The Final Piece

If you want to build a Tom Bombadil MTG Saga deck, this may be the most important non-Saga card that you’ll need to find. Power Conduit does a ton of work in a Bombadil Commander deck thanks to its ability. This card allows you to trigger Tom Bombadil’s Cascade-esque ability while keeping your Sagas around. This occurs because Tom Bombadil specifically needs the ability from the last chapter of a Saga to trigger. Tom Bombadil does not care if your Saga dies after that.

This allows Power Conduit to truly shine. Allow your Saga to tick up to its final chapter and trigger. Before the trigger resolves, Use Power Conduit to take a Lore Counter off of your Saga. The final chapter will still resolve, triggering Tom Bombadil. The Saga, however, will not disappear because it still has a chapter remaining, which can trigger at the beginning of your next Main Phase One. Rinse and Repeat!

Thanks to Power Conduit’s outstanding synergy with Sagas, and some Modern relevancy thanks to [tooltips]Urza’s Saga, Power Conduit has seen a smaller uptick from $1 (mid-June) to $3.50.

There’s More to be Found

These are hardly the only MTG Saga related cards going up in price, but they are the most obvious ones from the past few weeks. A lot of other promising inclusions, like The World Spell, are also seeing much smaller upticks, but they are still increasing in price.

Ultimately, having a new popular Commander archetype is hardly a bad thing – encouraging exploration of new strategies through new cards is exactly what new sets of Magic should be doing. Just know that, like Wraith Typal, if you’re looking to build Bombadil Sagas with the cards above, expect to be paying a small premium for the next little while.

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