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New MTG Art Confirms the Return of a Character No One Saw Coming

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We’re about a week out from the start of preview season for Magic’s next set, Streets of New Capenna. As Wizards of the Coast does with these new sets, they have published new story content to the mothership. This is to help flush out the world ahead of the release.

And as is pretty normal, hints at returning characters make their way into those stories, and today we have art for a returning planeswalker, and I don’t think anyone saw this one coming.

Return from the Wilds

In the Kamigawa story, we got see Jin-Gitaxias make a return, and this time we have a planeswalker that hasn’t seen a ton of love lately. The last time we saw this planeswalker was in Ikoria, where she was more in her element. This time around, she’s caught in a very strange world.

Wizards of the Coast

Welcome back, Vivien Reid! The artwork here shows her looking almost like she belongs to Selesnya. Of the 5 families, it’s possible that she could belong to the Brokers, which could be very interesting. It’d be the first time that we see a multicolored Vivien, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just Green like her previous incarnations.

If you want to read the story and learn more about what Viven is doing in New Capenna, check out Episode 1 of the story, titled Homecoming. With Vivien’s confirmation, this gives us 3 planeswalkers that are in the set. We saw Ob Nixilis very early on in promotional artwork, we know that Elspeth is returning from the pack art, and now Vivien. Traditionally there’s only 3 planeswalkers per set, so barring any set specific walkers, this is our slate.

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What do you think about Viven making her way back to the game in New Capenna? Who would you have wanted to see instead? Let us know!

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