14, Mar, 24

New MTG Arena Free Clue Code Revealed!

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Article at a Glance

Murders at Karlov Manor took some extra steps to become as immersive as possible for MTG players. While a massive ARG was offered for players to participate in online and at prereleases, this was mostly attached to the paper version of the game. What about MTG Arena? Were players left out of the mystery action?

The short answer is no, but MTG Arena players had to wait some extra time for their ARG to start. Now, occasionally, a new clue will show up in the player inbox. Each answer to the clue contains a new MTG Arena code that grants the player some free loot! We just got the second clue amongst a potential chain of them. Let’s talk about it!

The Shop Holds the Answer

Sleuths who were unable to complete the first MTG Arena clue may find doing this one a bit challenging. While the first clue was an obvious nod to the Murders at Karlov Manor story, this MTG Arena clue demands players to do some investigative work on the client.

In order to kick this Clue off, you need to navigate your way to the MTG Arena store. There, you’ll find a free card style to purchase for Homicide Investigator, a 2/2 black rare creature from Murders at Karlov Manor.

Once you have acquired your card style, the new clue will appear in your MTG Arena message inbox. Here’s what it asks:

“The only lead we have right now is what you’ve just found in the store. It’s the Dossier card style of a fellow Sleuth.

How does it describe the Homicide Investigator’s approach to solving crime?”

Like the last clue, entering your answer into the redeem codes box on the store will get you some free goodies.

Homicide Investigator’s Approach to Crime

Pictured above is the card art that you’ll find by going to the MTG store and picking it up for free. This is Homicide Investigator’s booster fun Dossier treatment.

Remember, the clue specifically asked how this treatment describes the Homicide Investigator’s approach to crime.

Fortunately, the flavor text on this treatment happens to answer the question perfectly. On MTG Arena, you can hover or zoom in on this treatment to observe the flavor text as well.

The answer to this puzzle, as suggested by the flavor text on Homicide Investigator, is Impeccable.

Putting this code into the MTG Arena shop will grant you 500 XP and a new card style for the popular Limited combat trick The Chase is On.

More Clues to Come

For players wondering how many clues will follow up the first two in this little MTG Arena ARG, we have an answer, though it was an unintended one. It appears that all of the clues from this mystery event have been leaked already!

Sadly, even though we have all the future clues in hand, you can’t solve any of the puzzles just yet. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the clue pops into the client in the future. Thankfully it seems clues are released every few days, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Before then, you can at least look at each clue to try and find the solution early in preparation.

If new codes aren’t enough to sate your appetite, you’re in luck as MTG Arena is the focus of the next WeeklyMTG livestream! According to Blake Rasmussen, during this stream Wizards will be talking about upcoming changes to premier play on the platform. Right now it’s not entirely clear what this means, but it nonetheless sounds like an incredibly important announcement.

Should you still want more, then you’re in luck as MTG has practically no end of content. Not only are sets and features like Pioneer Masters and Commander in the works, but there are oodles of free codes to claim. If you want to know more about these, we’ve got an article detailing every code that’s currently available for the low low cost of nothing at all.

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