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6, Mar, 24

Who is the MTG Master Sleuth on Ravnica?

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Article at a Glance

MTG Arena players have been taking to the internet lately with a rather odd question: who is considered the ‘master sleuth’ on Ravnica?

This question made its rounds across social media after MTG Arena dropped a bizarre message in players’ inboxes. Accompanied by a picture of Cryptex,The message read as such:

“Hello, detective. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

A mysterious figure has been leaving cryptic clues all over Arena. We’ll need your help to crack the case.

Solve the riddle below, and enter the code in the store for a prize!

The first clue we found is easy: ‘Who is known as the ‘Master Sleuth’ on Ravnica?'”

Well, we’re here to answer that question for you, and what exactly this clue means, as there may be more to come.

MTG Master Sleuth

If you didn’t follow along with the story for Murders at Karlov Manor, this MTG Arena clue may have been difficult to answer. If you did, you should know that Alquist Proft, the main character of the Murders at Karlov Manor storyline, is referred to as the Master Sleuth on Ravnica.

The Murders at Karlov Manor story, in a nutshell, follows Alquist Proft as he solves a series of murders that point to an unexpected perpetrator. We won’t spoil that here.

The story has been out for quite some time now, however, with the thrilling reveal realized during the kickoff to Murders at Karlov Manor’s spoiler season.

Now that we know that the Master Sleuth is Alquist Proft, what do we do with it?

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A New MTG Arena Code

Alquist Proft is the answer to MTG Arena’s first clue. Now that we know, we can head over to the MTG Arena store, type in Proft’s full name, and reap some benefits!

As a reminder, you need to type Alquistproft, or Alquist, as spaces will not work.

This should offer some simple free goodies, including some 500 XP and an Auspicious Arrival card style. How fitting.

This isn’t the only free code that MTG Arena players can use to get some free stuff. While codes have been partially retired thanks to the new message inbox system, there are still some codes that you can try for yourselves. We have them all collected in our MTG Arena codes article. There’s also a handy guide on how to redeem codes in that article if you’re having trouble.

New Clues? Tune in!

This series of MTG Arena clues are all very new. So far, the first clue is the only clue that players have been left with. There is a lot of foreshadowing that this will not be the last clue to hit MTG Arena players’ inboxes. There’s also room to suggest that the next clues will be more difficult.

If you find yourself scratching your head with future MTG Arena clues, come back and visit us. We should have the answers for you.

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