18, Mar, 21

Magic: Legends Reveals What to Expect in the PC Open Beta

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Here’s what to expect in the Magic: Legends Open Beta:

Magic: Legends, the upcoming ARPG from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, will finally be launching its PC Open Beta next week. To get you ready to play this game set in the Multiverse of the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, the official Magic: Legends Twitter account has shared a new video in which executive producer Steve Ricossa outlines the basics of this highly-anticipated ARPG, and reveals what to expect in the game’s Open Beta.

Watch the video below:

The video shows how the ARPG brings the elements of Magic: The Gathering such as its rotating spell system, and the various load-outs that give players more ways to approach the game. You can also team-up with your friends to take on quests, and it’s exciting to see that 1 vs. 1 PvP duels will also be available in the Open Beta version of Magic: Legends. If you’re planning to play the Open Beta, please make sure to read everything you need to know about Magic: Legends here.

The official description of Magic: Legends reads: 

An ancient force moves in the darkness, requiring adventurers to traverse various planes of the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse and gather the power needed to fight this evil. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment, players will choose their path through the planes while collecting and upgrading a multitude of spells to create a powerful spell library. Players control the chaos of spell-slinging combat as they fight to save the Multiverse from its greatest threats yet

Magic: Legends Open Beta is scheduled to begin on March 23 for the PC; for other details and how to sign up, read the details here.  You can sign up for Open Beta here

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