Duskmourn House of Horror Art
19, Apr, 24

New Duskmourn Details Revealed by Early MagicCon Artwork

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Article at a Glance

Initially announced back in August of 2023, Duskmourn: House of Horror is a rather peculiar MTG set. Taking place entirely within a massive haunted mansion, this set is unlike any other in Magic’s history. Unfortunately, while Duskmourn is an incredibly interesting setting, details about it are somewhat lacking right now.

Despite being announced back in 2023, we’ve barely heard a peep about Duskmourn: House of Horror since its debut. With just two pieces of art released to show it off, players have been left, rather aptly, in eerie suspense. Finally, this suspense has been lifted somewhat thanks to new details being revealed at long last!

New Duskmourn Details!

Duskmourn House of Horror Art

As the final premier MTG set in 2024, it’s unsurprising that Duskmourn, House of Horror is being kept under wraps. Before Q4 rolls around, we’ve still got Modern Horizons, Bloomburrow, and Assassin’s Creed to go! Despite this, after eight months of radio silence, we’ve finally heard a peep out of Duskmourn once again.

Appearing by surprise, Duskmourn has reappeared as the face of MagicCon: Las Vegas in 2024. Taking place from the 25th of October to the 27th, this MagicCon should have all the usual gubbins. Headlined by Magic World Championship 30, MTG players can also expect myriad panels and play experiences to enjoy.

While MagicCon: Las Vegas is still an awful long way away, new art for this event has just been revealed. As you can see above, this art clearly depicts the potential Planeswalker Kaito, alongside a currently unknown character. Equipped with sparking weaponry and some kind of ghost-catching device, it’s clear we’re not going to sit around and get haunted.

Unsurprisingly, the titular House of Horror doesn’t appear to be too happy about Kaito and company’s presence. In the image’s animated version, demonic arms can be seen flailing while glowing eyes peek out from the walls. All in all, this set is shaping up to be thoroughly spooky, which is hardly a surprise given the setting.

On top of this new image, artwork from MagicCon: Chicago has now surfaced online, revealing additional details. Originally found on backpacks available at the event, this artwork appears to reveal that Zimone Wola is on Duskmourn. Alongside Zimone, we also get another look at the set’s new and currently unnamed character looking all grumpy.

What We Know

MagicCon Chicago Backpack Artwork

Unfortunately, despite the new art giving us a few new details, there’s a lot we don’t know about Duskmourn: House of Horror. This lack of information even extends to the new artwork that we’re seeing. For starters, there’s no word on whether or not Kaito will be Duskmourn’s one and only Planeswalker or not.

Given that Kaito can be seen alongside their adorable companion Himoto, it’s possible they’ve retained their spark. Despite this inherent lack of information, some MTG players are already disgruntled by this potential detail. Compared to someone like Sorin, Kaito hardly appears to be at home in a massive haunted mansion.

Despite this apparent disconnect, other MTG players have noted Kaito may actually be the perfect fit. Since Duskmourn is inspired by slasher films from the 70s and 80s, Kaito could fit a potential Stranger Things vibe. Adding to this theory, Zimmone could also be part of this rag-tag band of adolescents that must face off against unspeakable evil.

Speaking of that unspeakable evil, we can see it again in the MagicCon: Las Vegas artwork being all ominous. Given their design and position in the artwork, it seems obvious this character is the main villain of the set. What we don’t know, however, is if this character is the house itself, or perhaps an evil possessing it.

Ultimately, there’s a huge amount of information we know about Duskmourn: House of Horror, right now. Not only are there missing details about the set’s characters, but there’s no word on how it fits into the Dragonstorm Arc. For better or worse, we’re just going to have to wait for more details to be revealed in the future.

When We’ll Know More

Duskmourn House of Horror Art

Currently, Duskmourn: House of Horror is the only 2024 MTG set not to have had its First Look presentation. Typically this preview event would happen two months before a set’s eventual release, but that doesn’t help us much. Not only is 2024 a strange year for previews, but we don’t even know when Duskmourn is releasing exactly.

At the moment, Duskmourn only has a vague release window of Q4 2024. Thankfully, past precedent indicates the release should be in mid-November, however, this year could be different. Ultimately, we’ll need some official information from Wizards of the Coast to actually know when this set is releasing.

If we’re lucky, hopefully, we should be getting some more information soon. While no panels have been announced yet, we’d be surprised if MagicCon: Amsterdam didn’t include a nod to Duskmourn. Should this convention in June not have what we’re expecting, we could be left waiting until much later in the year for more info.

At the end of the day, Duskmourn: House of Horror is still an awful long way from its release. Until we know more, it’s probably better to focus on the releases that are happening much sooner. Speaking of those, up next is Modern Horizons 3, which is sure to be a fantastic set that no one will have a problem with… Right?

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