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25, Apr, 23

New $500 MTG Secret Lair Is Surprisingly Worth Its Cost

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Article at a Glance

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast surprisingly revealed the contents of the MTG Secret Lair Spring Superdrop 2023. Alongside announcing what was in store for Spring, Wizards also made this collection of Secret Lairs available for purchase!

As usual, across the Spring Superdrop 2023, there are plenty of Commander favorite cards and a few highly prized reprints. Each featuring brand new and gorgeous art, there’s plenty to delight collectors and Commander fanatics alike. There’s even a somewhat baffling production mistake that managed to sneak through the cracks at Wizards of the Coast HQ! 

Thanks to all the reprints, less so the production mistake, there’s obviously plenty for Commander players to be excited about. However, the question remains whether these Secret Lairs are worth the rather steep cost of admission. Furthermore, is the new $499.87 all-encompassing bundle actually worth that immense price tag?

To answer that very question, let’s embark on a deep dive into the Spring Superdrop 2023, to see if any or all of the drops are actually worth it! 

Although… Before we get started properly, it’s essential that we get a few caveats out of the way. Firstly, when discerning prices, we’ll use TCGplayer Market Price for each card. Additionally, it’s necessary to note that Secret Lair prices won’t always match the standard MTG card price once the drop officially launches, especially for foil cards. Last but not least, each of these drops will also include a secret bonus card, which we won’t be able to price-check.

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol.1

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .1
Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .1 | Secret Lair

Price: $49.99

To kick off our analysis, we have the first March of the Machine-themed Secret Lair drop. Harnessing the set’s multiversal themes, this MTG Secret Lair drop features a variety of classic Booster Fun treatments. Altogether, this can make the drop look rather discordant, however, individually, the cards look stunning.

For all of the Showcase: March of the Machine drops, it’s important to note that every card is printed in the Halo Foil treatment. What this foiling technique will do for prices, however, remains to be seen.

Regarding the drop’s contents, several cards are worth a fair bit of money. Wheel and Deal, for instance, is worth around $10 on average, with foil versions costing upwards of $35. Similarly, Walking Ballista is worth $13 on average, with foils costing $23 on the cheap end. Notably, Walking Ballista has previously had a Secret Lair printing, which currently costs around $39 on average.

On the opposite end of the scale, The World Tree and Questing Beast don’t quite justify their price. Worth around $4 each, these cards fall short of the $10 average that the Secret Lair drop’s price tag demands. Similarly, Olivia Voldaren is only worth $8 on average. However, foil copies do sell for $20.

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Wheel and Deal$10.69$35.03
Questing Beast$4.77$8.15
Olivia Voldaren$8.03$20.85
Walking Ballista$13.72$23.92
The World Tree$4.44$4.99

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol 2

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .2
Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .2 | Secret Lair

Price: $49.99

Continuing in numerical order, up next, we have the Showcase: March of the Machine Vol 2. Once again, this drop plays into the themes of the main set, featuring Booster Fun treatments from five different planes. Several of these planes have never had Booster Fun treatments before, giving these cards an extra special new look. 

In terms of value, this drop is one of the most disappointing in terms of non-foil value. As, out of the five cards available, only one of them crosses the $10 median price threshold. This card is Higure, the Still Wind, which sneaks through with a cost of around $10.18 on average. The other cards in the drop, meanwhile, each fall short, with the worst offender being Mina and Denn, Wildborn, costing just $0,83.

Thankfully, while the non-foil value may not be much to write home about, the foil value is good. This is predominantly thanks to Higure, the Still Wind, once again, who costs $124 on average as a foil card! Alongside this staggering price tag, Dragonlord Kolaghan also holds a commendable $30 value. There’s also one card, Xantcha, Sleeper Agent, who hasn’t had a foil printing before. 

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Higure, the Still Wind$10.24$124.28
Nezahal, Primal Tide$4.07$9.25
Dragonlord Kolaghan$6.49$30.69
Mina and Denn, Wildborn$0.83$5.22
Xantcha, Sleeper Agent$4.43No Foil Printing

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol. 3

Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .3
Showcase: March of the Machine Vol .3 | Secret Lair

Price: $49.99

In case you haven’t figured out the theme by now, this March of the Machine-themed Secret Lair utilizes a variety of past booster fun treatments. Alongside reprising four existing frames, this third commemorative Secret Lair also features the newly designed Ravnica-inspired Architecture frame. 

When it comes to the price of cards, this Secret Lair drop is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, you have powerful and expensive cards such as Utvara Hellkite and Nyxbloom Ancient. Clocking in and roughly $14 and $18, respectively, these cards help to make up much of the drop’s price tag. 

As usual, however, the other cards don’t quite cut the mustard, as the next most expensive is only worth $3. Below this, the drop also contains Kogla, the Titan Ape, and Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, who are barely worth mentioning. Thankfully, as is to be expected once again, foil prices for these cards are a lot more lucrative. Whether or not the Secret Lair cards will match this price point, however, remains to be seen. 

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Utvara Hellkite$14.45$60.17
Kogla, the Titan Ape$0.91$2.50
Nyxbloom Ancient$18.91$20.04
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain$1.65$7.28

Artist Series: Alayna Danner

Artist Series: Alayna Danner
Artist Series: Alayna Danner | Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Now that the March of the Machine Secret Lair drops are out of the way, it’s time to get started with the Artist Series. Kicking this off are the angelic cards by Alayna Danner. Obviously, with this artist series, some of the card’s value will be depending on how you feel about the art. If you adore the art style on display, this Secret Lair may be worth it regardless of cost. Personally, I think the art looks absolutely fantastic, however, it’s up to you to decide for yourself!

From those looking from a pure value perspective, thankfully, you won’t be disappointed. As, thanks to Linvala, Keeper of Silence, and Emeria, the Sky Ruin, this Secret Lair drop is actually profitable! Coming in at $17 and $18, respectively, these two cards justify the $30 price tag all on their own. Unfortunately, for value fanatics, the drop’s two other cards aren’t nearly as expensive. Costing under a dollar each, both these cards are barely worth mentioning. 

What is worth mentioning, however, is that this drop is home to the bizarre production problem. While these aren’t entirely unheard of in Secret Lair releases, this latest snafu still managed to enrage MTG fans. This is pretty understandable, as it’s not a small mistake to accidentally publish a non-finished version of an artwork.

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Linvala, Keeper of Silence$17.86$64.78
Sunblast Angel$0.23$0.94
Emeria, the Sky Ruin$18.60$54.65
Seraph Sanctuary$0.66$14.80

Artist Series: Randy Vargas

Artist Series: Randy Vargas
Artist Series: Randy Vargas | Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Up next in the Artist Series, we have Randy Vargas. Famed for their work as a science fiction and fantasy illustrator, Wizards lauds Vargas’ work for its “dynamic and captivating style.” While this is true, we think their artwork for Selfless Savior speaks for itself! Just look at that good boy! Oh, they’re so good!

While the goodest boy is obviously worth the cost of admission, in terms of value, this Secret Lair drops is no slouch. Once again, this is thanks to two highly prized reprints: Grand Abolisher and Umezawa’s Jitte. Costing $29 and $9, respectively, these cards more than justify the Secret Lair Drop’s price tag. Just like Alayna Danner’s Artist Series drop, the other cards that make up this drop aren’t much to write home about.

In terms of foil value, Artist Series: Randy Vargas also has plenty to offer, thanks to one of the previously mentioned reprints. Costing over $147, foil copies of Grand Abolisher are certainly valuable, to say the least. Given that this foil Secret Lair only costs $40, however, it seems unlikely they’ll match this immense price point. 

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Grand Abolisher$29.74$147.30
Selfless Savior$0.24$1.48
Akroma, Angel of Fury$0.89$2.92
Umezawa’s Jitte$9.71$13.21

Artist Series: Rebecca Guay

Artist Series: Rebecca Guay
Artist Series: Rebecca Guay | Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Having created 175 pieces of artwork for MTG at the time of writing, Rebecca Guay is undoubtedly a fan favorite. With a unique and distinctive art style, Wizards correctly states Guay has created “some of the most iconic and evocative art the game has seen.” Thanks to being such a beloved artist, many players may be more than happy to pay just to get some Rebecca Guay art. 

Thankfully for value hunters, Artist Series: Rebecca Guay isn’t all about the stunning art that’s on display. As, there are also some tantalizing and expensive reprints to fawn over, making this Secret Lair drop worthwhile. The most expensive of all of these is the highly prized reprint of Stoneforge Mystic. Priced at roughly $34, this one MTG card makes up for the cost of this Secret Lair drop all on its own! 

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, this Secret Lair drop also features Serra the Benevolent. Currently priced at $13 on TCGplayer, this Modern Horizons card is certainly a welcome bonus! The same is true for the optional foil copy of Muddle the Mixture. Last seen in the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Secret Lair Commander deck, this MTG card only has one foil printing which is worth $48 on its own!

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Cleansing Nova$0.46$3.11
Serra the Benevolent$13.38$55.67
Stoneforge Mystic$34.13$34.67
Muddle the Mixture$5.21$48.50

Nature Is Adorable

Nature Is Adorable | Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Following on from all the Artist Series, we have a pair of themed Secret Lair drops. As you can tell from the subheading, the first of these we’ll be talking about is the Nature Is Adorable drop. Featuring artwork from Aya Kakeda, this drop has a stunning unique style that should delight fans of all things green! 

From a financial perspective, this drop has a fair amount of green, too, although sadly not enough to justify its price tag. Out of all the cards within this drop, the most expensive is Nature’s Will by quite some margin. Having only been printed in Champions of Kamigawa, this card is currently worth $14 on average. 

Sadly, the rest of the drop’s cards are somewhat lacking in value, only worth a few dollars each. That doesn’t mean this Secret Lair drop is a write-off, however, as there’s still value to be had. Namely in the foil version of this Secret Lair, as those prices are much more lucrative. For instance, on its own, Joraga Treespeaker almost justifies the Secret Lair’s cost, with a $39 price tag! 

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Joraga Treespeaker$2.04$39.10
Nature’s Will$14.24$69.50
Ulvenwald Tracker$2.65$4.28
Yeva, Nature’s Herald$2.20$5.81

Cool Ocean Breeze

Cool Ocean Breeze
Cool Ocean Breeze | Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 | Foil Price: $39.99

Last but not least, for the individual Secret Lairs, we have Cool Ocean Breeze. As the name suggests, this drop which features art from Lauren YS, is themed around the ocean. While this is certainly welcome, thanks to the value and art on display, it nevertheless leaves us wondering where white, black, and red’s themed drops are. Maybe in the Summer Superdrop in a few months’ time.

To get back on track, the Cool Ocean Breeze Secret Lair drop has some decent value to be excited about, thanks to a pair of Thassa’s. Clocking in a $13 each, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, and Thassa’s Oracle make up the bulk of this Secret Lair’s value. Unfortunately, however, the rest of the drop doesn’t come close to matching this value. That being said, however, the non-foil version of this drop just manage to break even thanks to a few dollar rares.

While the non-foil version of this Secret Lair might not be all too exciting, the foil printing is much more enticing. This is predominantly thanks to the foil copy of Llawan, Cephalid Empress, which costs $39 on average. Alongside this, the foil copy of Thassa’s Oracle isn’t to be snubbed, costing around $18. While this is already a decent amount of money, it’s possible the Secret Lair MTG card will cost even more, thanks to the gorgeous art on display that should appeal to Legacy, Vintage, and Commander players.

Card NameNon-Foil PricesFoil Prices
Llawan, Cephalid Empress$1.21$39.92
Master of Waves$1.32$7.33
Thassa, Deep-Dwelling$13.86$17.90
Thassa’s Oracle$13.67$18.49

It’s Raining Foils and Non-Foils Bundle

Those Foils Are Really Coming Down Bundle
(Half of the) It’s Raining Foils And Non-Foils Bundle

Price: $499.87 $423.99

To conclude our list, we have the big one. Priced at $499.87, although only sale for $423.99, this bundle is comprised of two smaller bundles, These are the “Those Foils Are Really Coming Down Bundle” and the “Those Non-Foils Just Won’t Let Up Bundle.” While we could go on to list everything inside of these bundles, however, then we’d be here all day. So, to cut a long story short, within these bundles, there is one of every single non-foil and foil Secret Lair on offer. This means that by purchasing the “It’s Raining Foils and Non-Foils Bundle,” you get one copy of every single card. 

Is it worth the cost? Absolutely yes. Even when only using the non-foil price guide for the Showcase: March of the Machine volumes. In total, the value of the It’s Raining Foils and Non-Foils Bundle is $934.02. This number is obviously quite a lot more than the expensive cost of the bundle. 

Making up the majority of this incredible value is the somewhat ridiculous foil prices of some cards, such as Grand Abolisher. Costing almost $150 alone, it’s safe to say there’s a huge amount of demand for the fanciest variants of this card. That being said, however, it’s unclear if the Secret Lair version will be anywhere near as expensive once these drops actually get into MTG players’ hands. There’s plenty of demand for certain sure, however, they’re also remarkably easy to get ahold of. Being sold directly by Wizards, players don’t have to rely on the secondary market, which may result in significantly cheaper prices. 

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