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9, Apr, 24

New $350 Secret Lair Superdrop Surprises With Decent Value

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After a few days of spoilers, the latest Superdrop is finally here! Dubbed the 2024 Equinox Superdrop, this latest Secret Lair release is fashionably late, since the actual Equinox was weeks ago. Despite this slight snafu with the dates, this assortment of Secret Lairs still has a lot of gorgeous art to offer!

While art is always a compelling, if subjective, factor, value plays an important part too. Sadly, most Secret Lair drops aren’t cheap, so a lot of players want to get their money’s worth. Thankfully, the 2024 Equinox Superdrop is surprisingly compelling from this metric. Despite a deluge of dubious picks, a few key cards save the day.

To make sure you get the most out of this latest Superdrop, we’ve got all the information you’d ever need to do. Between reactions to the art and general pricing trends, we’re here to help you get the most out of your money. For this, we’ll be using the lowest possible prices from TCGplayer, while also noting a few important caveats.

As always, the first of these many caveats is that art matters. While each artwork may not be to everyone’s taste, in MTG you’re free to buy what you want. Since every card in the 2024 Equinox Superdrop is a reprint, you’re not missing out by not spending. Ultimately, whether or not you like the art should drive your purchase, as MTG’s markets are hardly guaranteed.

With that all-important note out of the way, it’s time to get into all the finances. So, without any further ado, here’s the complete financial breakdown of the Secret Lair 2024 Equinox Superdrop!

Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy

Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault boy

To kick us off, Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy is arguably the best Secret Lair out of the entire bunch. Not only is this SLD utterly adorable with Fallout’s iconic art style, but the reprinted cards are fantastic too. Somewhat unusually, all these cards follow one central theme; Stax. 

While Stax decks may be incredibly annoying to play against, there’s no doubting the power of these cards. Played heavily in cEDH lists, many of these cards are cult staples, with huge demand for fancy variants. So long as you’re a Fallout fan, fancy variants are now exactly what these cards have!

In terms of value, the best card in the drop by far is Sphere of Resistance. Selling for around $32 as a non-foil and $85 when foil, this card justifies the drop’s cost on its own. On top of this, Winter Orb and Trinisphere are both ten to fifteen-dollar cards.

While there is a trio of good cards, unfortunately, this SLD does have a dud. Specifically, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is hardly the most exciting card. They may have a $4 foil variant, but even this doesn’t stop them from lagging behind. Even with this less-than-perfect card, the Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy still looks like a fantastic deal. 

Secret Lair x Fallout: Points of Interest

Secret Lair x Fallout: Points of Interest

Continuing the Fallout theme, the Secret Lair x Fallout: Points of Interest drop is all about land. As usual, these lands all see decent play in Commander, which could lead to some hefty secondary market prices. For now, this drop looks just okay at best, with only the foil variant offering positive returns.

Sitting at the top of the foil value chart, Bojuka Bog is the most lucrative card, being worth $22.50. Behind this, Command Beacon is worth around $10 as both a foil and non-foil card. Dropping lower once again, Fabled Passage and Reflecting Pool are both decent reprints, but nothing spectacular.

Overall, there’s a good chance these lands could be quite valuable on the secondary market. While there’s no telling for sure until initial orders are delivered, there’s definitely a lot of demand for Fallout cards right now. Even if we don’t see another Fallout crossover in the future, these lands will be staples in many themed decks.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given the positive foil value Secret Lair x Fallout®: Points of Interest Foil Edition has already sold out. For now, this Secret Lair drop is only sold out in the US store. 

Secret Lair x Fallout: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 

Secret Lair x Fallout: SPECIAL

Hyped up as the first Secret Lair from the 2024 Equinox Superdrop, Secret Lair x Fallout: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. has a lot going on. Containing seven cards to showcase each of Fallout’s core stats, the theming of this Secret Lair drop is on point. Unfortunately, while this SLD may look good, its value leaves a fair bit to be desired.

Despite the increased card count, the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. drop is worth just under $18 when non-foil. This value is mostly propped up by Idyllic Tutor but even that is only a $5.80 card. Slightly below this somewhat mediocre price, Propaganda is another unassuming reprint, that’s worth just $4.75.

Thankfully, while the non-foil value is rather disappointing, foils save the day again. In this fancy foil variant, many prices jump up significantly, with Propaganda especially seeing a significant boost to $12.75. Alongside this now pricy pick Anger is worth around $10 as a foil. Thanks to a few more decent, but not exceptional foils, the total value just about breaks even.

Much like the other Secret Lair x Fallout drops, these SLDs could have a decent amount of demand. Thanks to the new Universes Beyond Fallout cards, there’s definitely uranium fever in the air. Right now, it’s unclear how long this will last, but with the Fallout TV show launching soon, these cards could be quite prized.

Diabolical Dioramas

Diabolical Dioramas

Offering one of the most unique themes in all of Secret Lair, Diabolical Dioramas is utterly adorable. Well… It is to some people at least. Online, a lot of MTG players are quite divided on this Secret Lair aesthetic so demand is somewhat dubious. While the art may not be for everyone, the foil value certainly will be.

Thanks to the $107 foil reprint of Aura Shards this Secret Lair drop is absolutely amazing! Well, it seems that way on paper, at least. In reality, the value of this Secret Lair is a lot more dubious, since this foil price is sure to drop. Now that new, albeit unique-looking, supply is hitting the market, this $100+ price tag won’t last.

Below this immense and exciting potential, Diabolical Dioramas also offers Fiend Artisan. Selling for $8.65 as a foil and $7.50 when non-foil, this card is another great addition. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Gravebreaker Lamia and Karador, Ghost Chieftain.

Unsurprisingly, in terms of non-foil value, this Secret Lair drop is a lot less enticing. That being said, there’s a good chance the very unique artwork will fuel secondary market demand. Whether or not this will happen, however, remains to be seen.

Featuring: Phoebe Wahl

Featuring: Phoebe Wahl

Much like Diabolical Dioramas, Featuring: Phoebe Wahl is a surprisingly divisive Secret Lair drop. For better or worse, however, this time around the art isn’t the problem. Instead, when this Secret Lair was first revealed, players took a major issue with just how curled the cards appeared to be!

Sadly, there’s no telling just how curled these Secret Lair cards will be once in players’ hands. Given the past precedent of tournament disqualifications, however, the possibility is definitely concerning. Hopefully, since there’s a lot of love for this artwork, these gorgeous reprints will actually be playable.

While the Featuring: Phoebe Wahl drop has succeeded in capturing the hearts of MTG players, it may not wrangle many wallets. When looking at this SLD from a value perspective, there’s sadly not much to get excited about. At best, the $5 reprint of Door of Destinies should see Commander play. Sadly, the rest of the drop barely scrapes a dollar at best.

Unfortunately for finance fans, even the foil value of Featuring: Phoebe Wahl doesn’t cut it. Totaling a meager $21 of value, once again it’s just Door of Destinies propping up the rest. Given the gorgeous art, there’s a chance secondary market values could be higher in the long run, but that’s hypothetical.

Artist Series: Rovina Cai

Artist Series: Rovina Cai 2

Last but not least for the main Secret Lair drops, we have Artist Series: Rovina Cai. Well, it would be at least if it was still available. On the US Secret Lair store, this Secret Lair has already completely sold out. While it is available elsewhere in the world, this limited supply may not last long!

To explain this unprecedented demand, it seems MTG players are enamored with the look of Artist Series: Rovina Cai. Boasting a stunning tarot-inspired aesthetic, many players can’t get enough of this art style. Given the demand, Wizards may even be able to sell a whole tarot MTG deck if it looks this good!

While there’s clearly a lot of value in the art, sadly the same can’t be said for the cards. At best Aether Vial is a $5.50 reprint, and Sword of the Animist is worth almost $7. In theory, the first-ever non-foil variant of Inalla, Archmage Ritualist[/tooltip] could be exciting, but that is unconfirmed.

At the end of the day, neither the foil nor non-foil variants of this Secret Lair drop are that good. Despite this, however, the drop still sold out in just ten hours! This may have something to do with the reprint of [tooltips]Arcane Signet. While there are countless cheap versions of this card available, Secret Lair printings can often go for big money.

2024 Equinox Superdrop Bundles

Secret Lair x Fallout Bundle

To finish us off for good, the 2024 Equinox Superdrop also has a number of bundles available. Sadly for MTG players eyeing up these bundles, many of them have sold out thanks to their component parts disappearing. Due to Artist Series: Rovina Cai and the foil Points of Interest selling out, now only one bundle is available.

Currently, this single bundle is the Fallout Bundle Non-Foil Edition. While this bundle does offer some decent value, it seems bundles aren’t the way to go anymore. Instead, thanks to the shift in shipping philosophy, players are pushed toward single Secret Lairs as fast as possible. Either way, here’s a breakdown of how much each bundle is worth in total.

Available While Supplies Last!

Supply Llama
Supply Llama | Fortnite X Secret Lair

For better or worse, thanks to a fairly recent change, Secret Lair drops are all limited-run products. This means that when they sell out, they’re gone for good. Depending on the quality of the Secret Lair drops, this could cause quite a problem.

Sadly, we’re already seeing this happen, as quite a bit of the 2024 Equinox Superdrop has sold out already! This has largely been caused by one drop in particular, Artist Series: Rovina Cai. Thanks to featuring utterly amazing artwork, both the foil and non-foil variants of this drop have sold out already!

Thanks to these drops selling out, many of the 2024 Equinox Superdrop bundles have also technically sold out. This means the all-encompassing $350 bundle is no longer available less than a day after the Superdrop started. Sadly, it’s unclear how long the rest of the Secret Lairs will last this time around.

Ultimately, while the 2024 Equinox Superdrop is off to a bad start, we can only hope things will improve. If we’re lucky, the rest of the drops will stick around for a good while, allowing MTG players to get their fill. Whether or not this will happen, however, remains to be seen, so we’ll have to wait and see for now.

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