Fallout Secret Lair Lightning Bolt
4, Apr, 24

New MTG Fallout Secret Lairs Redeem With Stellar $60 Value!

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The Universes Beyond Fallout Commander set has a lot of great MTG cards. From Agent Frank Horrigan to Young Deathclaws there’s a lot to love. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the set’s first Secret Lair. Revealed back in February, this Secret Lair was pretty pants honestly, with the reprints not nearly being worth the price of admission.

Thankfully, now that the surprisingly late 2024 Equinox Superdrop is almost here, we’ve now seen two new Secret Lair drops. Both of these drops continue the Fallout theme, reprinting some Commander-favorites in the Vault Boy aesthetic. Beyond fitting the set’s Fallout theming, these new Secret Lairs are actually rather good for a change!

Secret Lair X Fallout: Vault Boy

Secret Lair x Fallout: Vault Boy

To kick off with the big ticket item, the upcoming Vault Boy Secret Lair is absolutely incredible. It may only contain four cards, but almost all of these are value all-stars. In total, the four cards in this Secret Lair total over $60 in value, making them more than worth the usual (albeit unconfirmed) $29.99 asking price.

At the low end of the spectrum, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is worth just $3.50 on a good day. While this price isn’t too exciting, the fourth Augustin does see some decent Commander play, thanks to their cost-adjusting abilities. Playable in both Stax decks, as well as Azorius lists, this card has a lot of potential.

Moving on up in value, you might start to sense a theme with the next card being Winter Orb. Usually selling for around $11.50, this card has yet another devastating Stax effect, preventing players from untapping multiple lands. Just like Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Winter Orb sees Commander play, especially at the competitive level. Thanks to this, there will undoubtedly be demand for this new Vault Boy variant.

Jumping up in value once again, Trinisphere is yet another Stax auto-include. By increasing the cost of any spell lower than 3 mana, this card can completely hose aggressive and controlling strategies. Thanks to this utility, Trinisphere sees a good amount of both competitive and Commander play. Currently, Trinisphere sells for around $15.

Last, but by no means least, Sphere of Resistance is finally getting a reprint. Last seen as a Kaladesh Invention, Sphere of Resistance sells for at least $32 thanks to its universally punishing ability. Once again, Sphere of Resistance is a beloved auto-include in cEDH and Stax decks, so this reprint should make players happy.

Secret Lair X Fallout: Points of Interest

Secret Lair x Fallout: Points of Interest

As if two Fallout Secret Lairs weren’t enough, MTG players are getting three of them! Sitting between the other two drops in terms of value, the Points of Interest Secret Lair still has a lot of potential. Thanks to containing nothing but land, there’s a good chance these new Fallout-themed reprints could fetch above market value. Even if they don’t, this Secret Lair isn’t half bad!

Speaking of half-bad, Bojuka Bog and Reliquary Tower aren’t exactly the best reprints. Selling for around $1.50 each, both these cards hardly break the bank, but they do see good play. This is especially true of Reliquary Tower which is a true Commander staple with many high-priced fancy variants.

Offering slightly more value, Reflecting Pool is another Commander-staple reprint that’s great to see. Typically, this card sells for around $5.80, however, chase variants usually sell for closer to $15. Considering the land’s ability to potentially offer any kind of mana, it’s no wonder this Commander darling sells well.

If you’re after a more guaranteed way to find any color of mana, Fabled Passage does exactly that. Provided you control four or more lands, that fetched basic land even comes into play untapped! Thanks to this utility, Fabled Passage sells for around $5.50. While this may flaunt the value progression of this list, past Secret Lair variants sell for upwards of $32!

Wearing the undisputed value crown, Command Beacon is the best reprint in this Secret Lair drop by far. Selling for $9.20, this land sees a huge amount of play thanks to avoiding Commander Tax through hand-based shenanigans. Like many of the lands on this list, fancy foil variants of Command Beacon sell for around $30.

A Brilliant Bonus Card!

Mana Vault

As if a compelling suite of lands and Stax cards weren’t good enough, the Fallout Secret Lair drops have one last trick up their sleeves. Like all Secret Lairs, these drops will come bundled with an extra, sometimes random, bonus card. For the 2024 Equinox Superdrop, it seems one of these Bonus Cards is Mana Vault.

Costing $43 for the cheapest variant, Mana Vault is another Commander all-star thanks to its immense ramp potential. While normal variants are by no means cheap, this new bonus card could blow those prices out of the water. Thanks to being a rare Bonus Card, this new variant will likely be in very short supply.

Much like copies of Persistent Petitioners this bonus card could be worth $100+! Should this new variant be as rare as the Kaladesh Invention, the price could even exceed $380! For now, there’s no telling exactly how rare this bonus card will be, but I wouldn’t expect it often.

Unfortunately, while Mana Vault is an insane potential find, the other bonus cards that have been revealed aren’t as exciting. Costing just $0.16 and $0.61 apiece, Codex Shredder and Wastes aren’t that special. Thankfully, while these bonus cards might not be too amazing, the Secret Lair drops themselves still boast some compelling value.

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