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9, Feb, 23

Never Before Seen MTG Con Exclusive Card Announced This Month!

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Article at a Glance

MTG Con Philadelphia is right around the corner! Players have tournaments for expensive, exclusive Secret Lair cards and the return of the Pro Tour to look forward to, but perhaps the most exciting thing coming to MTG players worldwide is the first look at March of the Machines. Arriving on Sunday, February 19th, Wizards of the Coast will give players a taste of one of the most anticipated lore-heavy sets ever. To make the thrilling conclusion of the Phyrexian arc that much more heavy-hitting, Wizards of the Coast is even introducing a new card type to the format! While we do not know precisely what they will have in store, a recent announcement suggests that we may be able to get a taste of it, or something similar, a lot sooner than we expected! Some new con-exclusive promotional cards have just been announced!

New Con-Exclusive Never Seen Before Cards

StarCityBen over on Twitter revealed that the massive card vendor Star City Games will have ‘1000s of never-before-seen MTG cards’ at their Philadelphia booth. These will be given away as promotional items throughout the weekend. For those interested in grabbing one of these cards for themselves, all you need to do is stop by the booth during the Con weekend while supplies last. Unfortunately, for those not attending the con, StarCityBen has stated multiple times that this would be a con exclusive. Additionally, to make sure as many people can get a copy of this promotional card as possible, copies will be limited to one per person.

What Do We Know So Far?

Unfortunately, aside from announcing the exciting promotion, this tweet doesn’t tell us much about what the card in question will be. At this point, all we know is what a few replies from StarCityBen have suggested that the card isn’t. These are as follows:

  • They are not misprinted MTG cards
  • They are guaranteed to be MTG cards
  • They are not playtest cards
  • This could be an early introduction to the new Battle card type (but not confirmed)

MTG Battle Cards Previewed Early?

This massive announcement from one of the most prominent vendors in the MTG community has raised rampant speculation. The most common consensus over on Reddit is that these will be used to introduce the new Battle card type alongside the first look at March of the Machines coming on that Sunday:

“My guess is that they will probably be some Battle cards to start the hype” – TempAccount28523800

“Either Battle cards or pseudo-Secret Lair promo reprints.” – SteveHeist

“Most likely cards from “MOM”

So likely battle cards” – Spiderbot1810

atraxa, grand unifier

For those unaware, in a similar style to Tarmogoyf‘s official reveal back in Future Sight, a new MTG card released in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, named Atraxa, Grand Unifier, is teasing the introduction of a new card type in the next set. Rampant speculation has already been set in motion for what the Battle card type could be. While we have already talked about these speculations in detail, the more common ones, at this point, is that a Battle card is a reworked version of the mysterious Skirmish mechanic that was dropped as a part of War of the Spark, another very intense Lore-focused set, or that the mechanic is somehow related to Planechase which could return according to some spoiled features regarding the new preconstructed EDH decks coming with March of the Machines. We’ve covered these in more detail previously, so feel free to follow the links in this paragraph to read more about that.

Be Sure to Stop By!

Regardless of what these promotional items are, they will be available for free while supplies last to anyone who stops by the MTG Con Philadelphia Star City Games booth. While a thousand cards are a lot arbitrarily, there’s a pretty good chance that more than a thousand individuals will be attending the MTG Con/Pro Tour, so be sure to stop by at your earliest opportunity if you are attending the con. For those who won’t be at MTG Con Philadelphia, you may not have access to this thrilling con exclusive, but we will still be able to experience the March of the Machines’ first look! This will be available directly after it concludes live at the con on YouTube, so be sure to keep an eye out. Alternatively, keep your eyes glued to MTGRocks throughout the weekend, as we’ll be sure to bring the most exciting developments from MTG Con Philadelphia as they happen!

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