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25, May, 23

Unloved EDH MTG Combo Piece Explodes 900% in Value!

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Given that it is an eternal format, EDH has a huge number of combos for MTG players to enjoy. Thanks to the format’s singleton construction, however, on their own, many of these combos can be somewhat unreliable to activate. When rolled into a deeply synergistic deck with plenty of tutors, however, these combo pieces enter a league of their own. 

As a result of their strength in EDH, many combo cards, and even supplemental pieces, can become rather expensive over time. Typically, this effect is multiplied if the combo piece in question is from one of MTG’s oldest sets. Couple this scarcity with a spotlight from a content creator, and then prices can get really out of hand. You might even see prices soar as much as 900%, for instance!

Nature’s Chosen Has Been Chosen

Nature's Chosen | Alliances
Nature’s Chosen | Alliances

On the surface, Nature’s Chosen is not a very good card. Hailing from all the way back in Alliences, this Enchantment allows players to untap an Enchanted Creature for zero mana. Alongside this, if played on a white permanent, Nature’s Chosen can also untap any other Artifact, Creature, or Land. Similarly costing zero mana, this ability may seem incredibly strong. For better or worse, however, there is a catch, as these abilities can only be activated once per turn. 

While this untap ability is strong, it’s not unequivocally the best untap engine out there. For instance, Seedborn Muse provides a universal version of the effect, which can be more beneficial. Despite this, however, as the title gives away, Nature’s Chosen has recently absolutely skyrocketed in price. Selling for just $1.76 at the end of last week, Nature’s Chosen is now worth at least $15.99! That’s the price that over 25 copies have recently sold for, at least.

As we hinted at in this article’s introduction, there are pair of major reasons behind the incredible price increase. First and foremost, Nature’s Chosen is from 1996’s Alliance. This means that copies of the card, especially good-condition ones, are incredibly rare. Alongside this major factor, Nature’s Chosen was also recently spotlighted by a content creator in an extensive cEDH deck breakdown.

Throughout a recent video, content creator ComedIan MTG, accompanied by Pixelstore1, showcased why Nature’s Chosen is a lot better than expected. In fact, during the video, Pixelstore1 stated, “Nature’s Chosen is one of the best green cards that we’ve discovered. The card is absolutely unfair, quite frankly.” Supporting this claim, Pixelstore1 highlighted how Nature’s Chosen allows for multiple activations of the deck’s devastating commander Tayam, Luminous Enigma.

A Baffling Buyout

Buy Your Silence | Streets of New Capenna
Buy Your Silence | Streets of New Capenna

While Comedlan MTG and Pixelstore1 celebrated the merits of Nature’s Chosen in EDH, not every MTG player was so convinced. Several users on Reddit, for instance, noted that the card isn’t always a good choice. According to players such as u/Financial-Charity-47, it’s not even worthy of a spot within the top ten. “I have a deck that runs ten untap effects. It doesn’t run this.” With several other players similarly stating that Nature’s Chosen isn’t all that, the card certainly isn’t beloved. 

While players may not like Nature’s Chosen, it is nevertheless now rather expensive, so what’s going on? Thankfully, the answer to that question is relatively simple, as it appears this is just a buyout. Whether this is because of eager cEDH players or opportunistic investors, the results are the same. At the time of writing, there are no copies of Nature’s Chosen available on TCGplayer at all. 

Over the past few days, hundreds of copies of Nature’s Chosen have been purchased at ever-increasing prices. At first, prices remained consistent at around the $1.70 range. Once sellers realized the demand, however, prices soon skyrocketed. Jumping from $2 to $5, single copies of Nature’s Chosen would eventually even sell for $29.99. It seems whatever price a Nature’s Chosen gets listed for, it’ll now be snapped up in an instant. 

As a result of this buyout, it may seem like an incredible time to sell off your Nature’s Chosen. While technically this is true, it’s not always the easiest to sell cards for buyout prices. Your local LGS, for instance, might not want to drop $100+ on a playset of Nature’s Chosen when the local demand for this nice EDH MTG card is negligible.

Market Movements

Invasion of Gobakhan & Knight-Errant of Eos | March of the Machine
Invasion of Gobakhan & Knight-Errant of Eos | March of the Machine

Thankfully for curious players and investors, Nature’s Chosen is not the only card that’s been spiking in value recently. While the value hasn’t exploded quite as violently, Invasion of Gobakhan is still steadily climbing, for instance. Once valued at around $3.79, this rare Battle card sells for about $17! That’s a rough average of recent prices, at least, as they’re a little bit all over the place. 

Predominantly seeing play in Standard and Pioneer, it seems this March of the Machine card is just quite good. Offering the effect of Elite Spellbinder and +1/+1 counters to creatures that attacked, Invasion of Gobakhan has a lot of utility. So much so, in fact, that it appears to be becoming a popular choice. Enough of one, perhaps, that it could even become the most expensive card in the set. Especially after the upcoming Standard bans. 

Alongside this recent steady surge, Knight-Errant of Eos has also been climbing in value. Initially, when preorders opened, Knight-Errant of Eos fetched a rather impressive $9.99 price tag. Once the card was actually released, however, this price tumbled all the way down to just $0.75. Recently, however, prices have jumped back up, with recent sales going for around $4. The reason for this? a recent strong Pioneer performance which we just highlighted! Sensing a surge in demand, copies of Knight-Errant of Eos are now being listed for $10, however, it’s unclear if any of these will actually sell. 

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