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23, Dec, 22

Multiple MTG Cards Spiking in Price Make This Set a Fantastic Holiday Gift!

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The holidays are right around the corner, and whether it’s a Christmas bonus for work or some money from relatives for you to spend, you may have a hole burning in your pocket. While Singles for whatever deck you want to build should still probably be your first choice, multiple cards from a recent MTG set have seen significant spikes in price! This makes Jumpstart 2022 a much more lucrative set than people may think. Here are some of the latest trends, making this sealed set a surprisingly good buy over the holidays.

Ashcoat of the Shadow Swarm

ashcoat of the shadow swarm

Some of the anime art cards from this set made a significant splash on the initial release of Jumpstart 2022. This has recently been superseded by Ashcoat’s spike, making it now the most expensive card in the entire set. Since the release of this Phyrexian: All Will Be One leak (not naming it for the sake of spoiler alert), Ashcoat has been on a huge spike. The card recently passed the $50 mark, rising up from $35 just a week ago! Copies of this card are already starting to sell for $55, so if you want to play with one over the holidays, this is the time to grab it.

Ashcoat has an absolutely incredible suite of abilities suited for any deserving Rat Commander deck. Not only can Ashcoat buff all of your rats upon attacks, but it can also help to refuel your hand with Rats on every end phase! We discuss the leaked Phyrexia: All Will be One card, so check that out if you don’t mind keeping the leaks a secret.

Rodolf Duskbringer

rodolf duskbringer

Rodolf offers a new powerful take on the Orzhov lifegain strategy commonly found within that color combination at the EDH table. Reanimator is another familiar mechanic found in the Orzhov identity with cards like Unburial Rites. This Jumpstart 2022 card combines both of those archetypes together!

Originally priced around $22, Rodolf took a massive dip to $12. The card has since rebounded significantly, hitting an average market price of $24! Rodolf is currently coming down a bit in price, suggesting that this card is still trying to find its price point. That said, any Orzhov fans would love to combine the two best synergies the color identity has to offer!

Rhystic Study

rhystic study

Rhystic Study’s spike is pretty pitiful compared to the other cards on this list. Still, I’ve included it to demonstrate that the card is already starting to rebound after the initial price drop it experienced being reprinted. It’s hard to find a Commander player who has not experienced the terror that is this card. As one of the best draw engines in MTG’s most popular format, Rhystic Study constantly has a sky-high price tag, regardless of how many times the card gets reprinted.

The card started at $50 when it was announced and dropped to a healthier price of $33. It is beginning to rebound. However, currently selling for around $38. If you want to pick up some Rhystic Studies, do so before the card ultimately rebounds back to $50.

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Preston, the Vanisher

preston the vanisher

All of the rarer Jumpstart 2022 exclusives currently have a bit of a price tag attached. Preston is no exception, seeing a $6 (50% increase) price hike over the last few weeks. It seems like there aren’t many players opening these packs because the demand for these Commander all-stars is driving prices up as time goes by.

Preston, the Vanisher fits like a glove in any flicker-based Commander deck. Whenever one of your creatures enters the battlefield as a result of not being cast, Preston creates a 0/1 copy of it. The effect is a bit clunky for Legendary creatures, but flicker decks generally want creatures with ETB triggers anyway, and Preston technically doubles those. Past that point, whether the unimpressive body attached is useful or not, Preston can repurpose your illusions with its second ability.

Anime Cards Trending Down

balan, wandering knight

As mentioned earlier, the big financial story with Jumpstart 2022’s initial release was how valuable anything with an anime girl in its artwork was. While those cards still offer a surprising amount of value as uncommon cards alongside your big-ticket Jumpstart 2022 exclusives, they are worth less than they were. Coldsteel Heart, perhaps the biggest story here, has dropped to $10 from a hefty $17. Balan, Wandering Knight, which used to be the most expensive card in the entire set, has dropped down to $36 from $40+. Other similar drops can be found in anime favorites like Stitcher’s Supplier, Spellstutter Sprite, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Tragic Slip, and more. These all still, however, have at least a couple dollars in value behind them, which for Common or Uncommon cards, is fantastic.

Whatever MTG stuff you choose to treat yourself with this Christmas, Jumpstart 2022 looks like it may be, sneakily, one of the most successful sets of the entire year. While the product is very tailored towards Commander and players getting into Magic: the Gathering, that could make it a great gift to draft amongst friends during holiday parties. Just keep in mind that an influx of Singles may hit the market due to Christmas gifts so we could see a huge market fluctuation in the coming week.

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