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2, Jan, 24

MTG's Next Set Could Make These Staples Dirt Cheap!

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Ravnica Remastered is scheduled to hit LGS store shelves soon. Sadly, the reprint value of this set doesn’t look the best. Wizards of the Coast has been knocking it out of the park in terms of Draft playability for these reprint-based sets, but if you’re looking to open financial value in your sealed product, Ravnica Remastered doesn’t look too great.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the entire set is terrible. There are some seriously strong cards being reprinted in Ravnica Remastered. In fact, some of the most sought-after cards in all of MTG are being reprinted in this set.

This means that Singles for these reprints affected by Ravnica Remastered could become incredibly cheap, but it’s hard to know for how long. These are the cards we recommend keeping an eye on during the release of Ravnica Remastered!

Shock lands

Breeding Pool

Whether you enjoy Commander, Pioneer, Modern, or more, Shock Lands are some of the best lands that you can add to your MTG deck. Able to enter untapped at your whim, tap for two colors, and are searchable via Fetch Land, Shock Lands add much-needed consistency to your MTG decks.

The entire cycle of ten Shock Lands is being reprinted in Ravnica Remastered. While they are not the most expensive reprints overall, they are definitely the most sought-after. These cards get played absolutely everywhere, and if you play multiple formats, having a few extra copies can’t hurt. Since everyone wants to find these cards, it’s rather easy to trade off any extra copies as well.

Not only are these cards getting reprinted in Ravnica Remastered, but Shock Lands will be even easier to open than other Rare cards. This means a ton of Shock Lands could be flooding the market, making them cheaper to purchase.

The heavy amount of demand for these cards, however, means that prices are likely to eventually start climbing once again. If you’re interested in acquiring some Shock Lands for your collection, Ravnica Remastered may be the best chance in some time to acquire these cards for a discount.

Bruvac the Grandiloquent

Before the release of Ravnica Remastered, Bruvac the Grandiloquent was the most expensive reprint in the entire set, worth well over $25. Expensive MTG cards can get their secondary market values from a few different sources, but generally, truly expensive cards have a mix of interest and scarcity.

Interest means that a lot of players will consistently want to purchase an MTG card. Since so many players want the card, as long as supply can’t keep up flawlessly, the card is bound to have some secondary market value.

Scarcity, on the other hand, means the card is very difficult to get ahold of. A lack of availability is outpaced by the interest behind the card, and the card gets expensive.

Bruvac is an example of a card that not everyone wants but has a very limited quantity available. Only seeing two printings so far from Jumpstart and The List (which is not a full reprint by any means), it’s safe to say that Bruvac is somewhat scarce.

These are the reprints that end up being fantastic for the sake of accessibility. After scarce cards get a healthy injection of quantity, demand is met, and secondary market prices plummet. Reprints like Capture of Jingzhou and The Ur Dragon from Commander Masters are great examples of this.

Bruvac is likely to follow the same trend, meaning this card may soon be available for a fraction of its current price. If you’re interested in acquiring a copy of Bruvac for yourself, watch out for some deals after the release of Ravnica Remastered.

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Karlov of the Ghost Council

Karlov of the Ghost Council is another card with a higher secondary market price that is likely largely due to scarcity. Only currently available in a Commander 2015 deck and as a Judge Foil, it’s safe to say that there are not a lot of copies of Karlov in circulation.

Lifegain decks in Commander love Karlov! Able to create a gigantic threat in no time alongside cards like Soul Warden, Karlov offers both an incredibly massive beater and an emergency removal option. In a dedicated lifegain strategy with Karlov as the Commander, it’s rather easy to close out the game with Commander damage.

Currently, Karlov generally asks about $18 for those interested in acquiring it, but chances are after Ravnica Remastered releases, the demand for Karlov will be sated, driving the card’s price down to more affordable levels.

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Spark Double

For a long time, Spark Double has been a popular Commander card, but that’s it. Able to copy Commanders while avoiding the Legendary rule, it’s super easy to crank out a ton of value with a copy of Spark Double.

Thanks to recent developments in Pioneer, however, Spark Double now has another interested crowd. The introduction of the Discover mechanic in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan brought with it two new one-card combo decks to the format. One of those decks would eventually get banned, but the other is still around.

This deck wants to use Quintorius Kand to, essentially, cast the entire deck and kill the opponent with Quintorius Kand’s static ability. Spark Double is a big piece of the puzzle, entering as a copy of Quintorius Kand, offering another free spell and another repeatable instance of the Elephant’s static ability.

Either way, Spark Double has been getting popular, commonly worth over $7 nowadays. If you’re like me and want one of these in a majority of your blue Commander decks, Ravnica Remastered’s release may offer an opportunity to buy quite a few of these for a discount on the secondary market.

Guardian Project

If you’re a Commander player, chances are you’ve seen this card at the table. Whether it’s you or your opponents using it, Guardian Project is a great card for any deck that utilizes a lot of Nontoken creatures. Thanks to Commander’s singleton rule, Guardian Project essentially turns all of your creatures into cantrips, that is so long as you’re not playing something like Shadowborn Apostle.

Despite Guardian Project’s popularity as a card advantage tool in Commander, it has actually only seen one full printing before Ravnica Remastered. Released back in Ravnica Allegiance almost five years ago, Guardian Project would only go on to see two very limited reprintings on The List and in Theros: Beyond Death Prize Packs.

Guardian Project is both a card that has limited availability and a lot of demand. As a result, while this card is likely to see a drop after the release of Ravnica Remastered, it could begin to rebound in price not long afterward. Be sure to keep a close eye on this enchantment if you’re interested in acquiring a few copies of it for yourself.

Other Cards to Watch

There are a few other interesting reprints that could become a lot more accessible after Ravnica Remastered hits the secondary market. While none of these have an incredible amount of value to them, even a slight discount can make your money go a lot further. Magic is one of the best games the world has to offer, but it is also absurdly expensive, so making your money go further can make a big difference in what you’re able to accomplish on a budget.

  • Liliana, Dreadhorde General
  • Crypt Ghast
  • Cloudstone Curio
  • Cyclonic Rift (This one may not have its price affected too much)
  • Lord of the Void
  • Dark Confidant
  • Utvara Hellkite
  • Chord of Calling
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Mizzix’s Mastery

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