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MTG Ixalan Commander Deck Upgrades Spike 279% for the Holidays!

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Commander players likely got some new goodies under their Christmas trees over the past few days. Commander preconstructed decks seem like a particularly good gift idea for MTG aficionados of all kinds, and this appears to have been a popular gift, at least judging from cards going up in price this week.

Explorers of the Deep players have some powerful upgrades available. These are so powerful, in fact, that many have been going up in price. If you have some of these cards for yourselves, it may be a good time to sell them! Otherwise, these rare gems, especially for those who may not have known about them before, could be powerful additions to your Merfolk decks!

Wanderwine Prophets

Merfolk players who love taking extra turns are going to love this card! Six mana is a lot to pay for a card, but in Merfolk Typal strategies, Wanderwine Prophets is definitely worth it. If this Merfolk connects with an opponent once, the game can easily end.

Wanderwine Prophets looks like a ludicrously powerful upgrade to the Explorers of the Deep Merfolk Typal Commander pre-con. Championing a Merfolk, while a very real cost, is rather trivial in this deck. With your Commander and the Prophets in play, you’ll get a ton of value out of the Explore triggers from Hakbal of the Surging Soul. Combine this with the extra turns from Wanderwine Prophets, and it is exceedingly easy to find a Merfolk to sacrifice for repetitive extra turns.

That’s the thing about Wanderwine Prophets. An extra turn generated by combat damage is very easy to abuse. The Prophets can untap, attack again, sacrifice another Merfolk, and take another extra turn. This is why one successful attack with Wanderwine Prophets can end the game. One attack can lead to a string of extra turns!

With the latent potential of Wanderwine Prophets discovered, the card has absolutely exploded in price over the holidays. Mid November, the Prophets were only worth about $5, which seems like a great deal for a card that can win the game outright. Since then, the card’s market has skyrocketed to $19.58, but near mint nonfoil copies of the Prophets are selling for as much as $38! There is quite the gap in price between different copies of this card, so keep an eye out for a good deal.

Another thing to note with Wanderwine Prophets is that this card’s only printing is from Lorwyn. This was a rather scarce set, meaning any cards that see just a bit of interest traditionally have their prices blown out.

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Lullmage Mentor

Another powerful upgrade for Merfolk-themed Commander decks everywhere, Lullmage Mentor is not only a powerful Merfolk payoff, but is absolutely disgusting alongside new Merfolk support from the main set of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

Lullmage Mentor cares about you countering spells. Each time you do, you get a 1/1 Merfolk token. You can also tap seven Merfolk to counter a spell.

This card works insanely well with both Vodalian Hexcatcher from Dominaria United and Deeproot Pilgrimage from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Lullmage Mentor tapping your creatures from counterspells can create additional tokens via Deeproot Pilgrimage, and Vodalian Hexcatcher can repurpose the tokens that both spells create as Force Spikes. Of course, if the Force Spike is successful, Lullmage Mentor will replace the sacrificed creature.

Thanks to the boost in synergies and interest in the Merfolk theme via The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, Lullmage Mentor’s market value increased from $1.43 to $6. Considering the recent sales for the card on TCGplayer, this is a good representation of Lullmage Mentor’s current pricepoint.

Like Wanderwine Prophets, Lullmage Mentor only has one printing from an older set, which will further bolster secondary market prices.

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A Big Discount

Thanks to the recent Mycosynthwave Secret Lair, a rather expensive reprint has seen a drop in price. Mycosynth Golem is one of the most popular artifact payoffs in all of Commander. A 4/5 for 11 mana is quite a bad deal, but Mycosynth Golem sweetens the pot by reducing its mana cost by the number of artifacts you control.

The important part is that this card grants all of your artifacts Affinity for artifacts. As long as a majority of your cards are colorless artifacts, it’s easy to cast tons of spells for little to no mana. Line this up with a Mystic Forge, and you can very well end up casting your entire deck.

Before the reprint, Mycosynth Golem was more than $40 over the past year. You can now acquire a copy of Mycosynth Golem with this new printing for a little under $20. If foils are your fancy, you can get an even bigger discount on the Golem, especially considering foils were worth $80 or more previously. Just keep in mind that, since the Rainbow Foil Mycosynth Golem is currently worth less than the nonfoil printing on TCGplayer (but just a little less), the curling on these cards might be bad.

Either way, if you’re in the market for a Mycosynth Golem, this may be one of the best times to grab one.

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