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28, Apr, 22

MTG: What is Alliance?

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Article at a Glance

In a world where organized crime is part of daily life, your going to need to make an Alliance or two. Fortunately, Streets of New Capenna brings Alliance as a brand-new mechanic to Magic: The Gathering. It joins the likes of Shield Counters and Casualty as brand-new mechanics joining in this set.

Pull up a chair and let us take you through how this new keyword works in-game to avoid any rules disputes at the table! Here’s everything you need to know about Alliance in MTG.

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What is Alliance?

Wizards of the Coast

Alliance is a mechanic that’s all about short-term buffing. It has no set way of working but will essentially trigger an action that needs to be resolved whenever another creature enters the battlefield.

Some cards will see their attack power buffed until the end of the turn. This can be seen on cards like Devilish Valet, Celebrity Fencer, Attended Socialite and Elegant Entourage. The most interesting example – in our opinion – is the way Alliance is used on Gala Greeters.

You can use it to maximum potential by bringing in three additional creatures each turn and for each one, you trigger one of the three options. Either you place a permanent +1/+1 on Gala Greeters, create a tapped Treasure token or gain two life.

This works really well with a token creature generator. It’s best to assess any card with Alliance to figure out how to best utilise the mechanic.

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