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19, Apr, 22

Magic: The Gathering Streets of New Capenna Release Date

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We’re very quickly gaining on the release date – or should we say, dates – for the next standard Magic: The Gathering set, Streets of New Capenna. Wizards of the Coast have made a pretty massive change to the release cadence for this set and it’s left a lot of fans very happy.

Let’s take a look at not only when you can play with Streets of New Capenna but what the big change to the release cadence is that Wizards have made!

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Streets of New Capenna Release Date Confirmed

Streets of New Capenna will be fully released on Friday, 29 April. You look at this date and probably see nothing new as the set is still releasing on a Friday but that’s not where the change occurs. Instead, the set will also be released on MTG Arena on this date.

That’s right, no more early access for the digital platform! We’re taking a massive step back – in the best way – as prerelease will not be the first chance for anyone to go hands-on with Streets of New Capenna.

It was starting to become a big point of contention that new sets were available on MTG Arena 24 hours before any kind of paper release. It meant that players looking for a competitive edge on prerelease events could get used to and even draft with the set before anyone else. Focus was also taken away from paper Magic, a move deemed unpopular by many players.

Prerelease will still take place one week before full release which in this case is Friday, 22 April. In the online post announcing these details, it was also confirmed that New Capenna is a brand new plane in Magic lore. We also had it revealed that Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate will release on Friday, 10 June.

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