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13, May, 22

MTG Stream Reveals New Products, Textless Promo and Stellar Reprints

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Article at a Glance

During today’s WeeklyMTG Stream, Wizards of the Coast gave the fans a little sneak peak at some upcoming Magic products and cards! They announced this a couple days ago, but we weren’t entirely sure about what we were going to see. We will primarily talk about the products and show off some of the cards that they revealed on stream!

Warhammer 40K

Wizards of the Coast

First off, we’ll talk Warhammer 40,000. This is a major crossover for Magic. As was stated beforehand, this product will come in the form of 4 Commander decks. Now WotC is doing something a bit different this time around with these. Rather than just 4 normal commander decks, we’re getting the option of 8! Each of these decks will come in a normal version, and a Collector’s Edition version. That version will be entirely foiled out, and will feature a new foiling process called “Surge Foil”.

While that’s pretty cool, what’s cooler is the cards that were previewed for these decks, so let’s look at them.

Wizards of the Coast

So first up, we have Abaddon the Despoiler. This warrior is a cascade commander, and in a similar vein to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, they will be utilizing Keywords to denote abilities.

Wizards of the Coast

Next up we have Blood for the Blood God! This is a super expensive instant, but gets cheaper for each creature that has died. This pairs well with the colors that this deck is in. If you can cast it, you discard your hand, Draw 8 new cards, and then deal 8 to each opponent.

Wizards of the Coast

The next card that we have is Vanguard Suppressor. This is featuring a new mechanic, “Squad”. This is effectively Multikicker, but then you create tokens equal to the number of times you paid the Squad cost.

Wizards of the Coast

The last card that was shown for this set is Fabricate. This is a promo for the product and won’t come in the commander decks themselves. This can only be obtained by heading to your Local Game Store on launch day.

Love Your LGS

Speaking of your local game store, the “Love your LGS” campaigns are back! Starting July 1st, WPN stores will have a special promo for you if you spend $50 or more on Magic products.

Wizards of the Coast

The promo is a retro frame Sol Ring but with the modern day art. To go along with this, also starting in July 2022, Store Championships are returning! Here are the promos for those events

Just for showing up, you’ll get the promo Flame Slash. If you make the top 8, you’ll get this stellar Archmage’s Charm, and if you win, you get the grand daddy of them all. Finally, Wizards brought back the Textless treatment for Dark Confidant. These are all super sweet, so head out to your LGS to try your hand at winning these awesome cards.

Double Masters 2022

Now, let’s look at Double Masters 2022. If you’re familiar with the previous Double Masters set, then this one will look familiar. It has the same pack content, with double the rares / mythics, but with new cards. We were given a look at some of the cards that are going to be in the set, and they’re pretty sweet!

Wizards of the Coast

The 3 cards that were shown off are Liliana, the Last Hope with some gorgeous new art, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and a much needed reprint of Wrenn and Six. Each of these has a normal, borderless, and a foil etched version of the card.

We were also shown some promos that will be coming if you participate in a Double Masters 2022 Preview Event!

The two promos that we have here are Weathered Wayfarer and Bring to Light both with some beautiful art as well.


Dominaria United

The last thing of note in the stream is there was some talk about Dominaria United. It’s a bit early for WotC to show off any cards, but we do have a new piece of art to show. One thing that is cool here is that this set is part 1 of a multi-set story, so we’ll see the story here develop more in the future.

Wizards of the Coast

My guess is that this is not the Karn planeswalker artwork, but some other spell, but good to see the big guy nonetheless. Also starting with Dominaria United, Jumpstart boosters will be coming with each premier set. Jumpstart boosters each have a random theme assigned to them, and they’re meant to be a limited experience. Very cool to see this popular product making a more regular appearance.

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That’s all the products that we’ve seen today, but Wizards did give us a little look into the future with the remainder of 2022 – 2023 release calendar.

Wizards of the Coast

While we don’t have set names yet, we see the code names for each of the sets coming up. We will have to wait until August 18th for the reveal of this timeline at a new event called Wizards Presents. For more information about all that was covered in today’s stream, check out the DailyMTG Article here.

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