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28, May, 24

Two-Mana Modern Horizons 3 Spoiler Creates Turn Three Death Combo!

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The main set for Modern Horizons 3 has almost been completely revealed! If the unofficial leaks are added to the equation, we have technically seen all of Modern Horizons 3 already. That said, some cards still need confirmation, and a series of these are being confirmed today. Once the day ends, all of Modern Horizons 3 will be revealed.

Today, a new Bestow creature was revealed that has a lot more going on than it may seem. This is only partially thanks to its own abilities, as it threatens an absolutely insane combo. Should everything go to plan, this card enables kills as early as turn three in Modern. So, let’s take a look at Springheart Nantuko, and why it creates a deadly combo with Nadu, Winged Wisdom, and Shuko!

Springheart Nantuko

Springheart Nantuko looks eerily familiar to Scute Swarm, an MTG card that plagues opponents in EDH lands decks everywhere. For one less mana, Springheart Nantuko either creates 1/1 Green Insects on Landfall or can create copies of a Bestowed creature for two mana. While either of these modes definitely has its applications, especially in Commander, the combo focuses on playing Springheart Nantuko as a creature.

Nadu, Winged Wisdom

If you haven’t been keeping up, Nadu, Winged Wisdom has created a ton of buzz lately. The ability to grant two Coiling Oracle effects to each of your creatures that trigger when they are targeted is incredibly powerful. Not only does this make opponents think twice before targeting your creatures with spells or effects but it also has serious combo potential. The best way to do this is to use abilities that can repetitively target your creatures for no cost.


Thanks to being tutorable via Urza’s Saga, Shuko is definitely the best enabler for Nadu, Winged Wisdom, at least in competitive formats. Shuko does this with its equip zero cost. This enables Shuko to constantly target your creatures for equips, triggering Nadu, Winged Wisdom as many times as possible.

This interaction has already caused a massive price spike for Shuko. Thanks to this card only being printed in Betrayers of Kamigawa, any interest in Shuko is going to cause a massive spike in price. Just look at how expensive Sensei’s Divining Top got!

With Shuko and Nadu assembled you could essentially draw your entire deck and play all of your lands out as long as you have enough creatures. How do we do that? Springheart Nantuko is the answer!

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Devasting Turn Three Combo

Springheart Nantuko is the missing piece to making the Nadu, Winged Wisdom and Shuko combo go infinite. The problem of not having enough bodies is resolved by the ability to create multiple Insect tokens. Since Springheart Nantuko creates Insects on Landfall, and Nadu’s trigger can put them into play from the top of your deck, Springheart Nantuko can create Insects whenever Nadu reveals a land, granting two more triggers for Shuko and Nadu.

Of course, there can be some instances where you simply don’t hit a land with the triggers you have, and the chain stops. The best way to avoid this is to utilize some cheap cantrip effects that can help fix your deck during combo sequences. These can also help find your combo pieces to go off.

Preordain | Magic 2011

Preordain is a recently unbanned Modern card that can do a ton of work in this shell. Not only can it help find your combo pieces, but Preordain can help stack lands on top of your deck for Nadu to put on the battlefield once you have the combo assembled.

In a similar vein, Serum Visions can also help find combo pieces while making the combo feel smoother. Preordain is better in the early stages of the game when you’re trying to find combo pieces, and Serum Visions is better at setting up lands to allow Springheart Nantuko to keep creating tokens.

An alternative approach to this deck could be using a similar creature toolbox structure to Golgari Yawgmoth combo. Chord of Calling looks like a powerful way to enable the combo and could be quite impressive if there are creatures that can do the Shuko portion of the combo. That said, Shuko is searchable via Urza’s Saga, which encourages a different kind of structure for this deck.

Urza’s Saga alone offers a powerful midrange alternative that the Nadu combo deck can take. Similar to the Grinding Station decks of the past, you can threaten an infinite combo, an opportunity to gain a ton of value, or a midrange plan to overwhelm your opponents if they plan to attack your deck from one angle.

Will this Combo be Competitive?

There is a good chance that some variant of the Shuko and Nado, Winged Wisdom interaction will become competitive. Shuko being searchable via Urza’s Saga and Nado replacing itself in most situations allows this to be incredibly competitive. The weakest card in this idea of the combo is the new Springheart Nantuko since it doesn’t produce much value on its own.

That said, there are a bunch of different ways to abuse the Shuko and Nado combo. Will this be the one that takes over Modern? Only time will tell. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens when Modern Horizons 3 launches. Since this set is so jam-packed with power, it’s basically guaranteed that Modern will rotate a fair amount. Once all the dust settles, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not this combo will be competitive or just unique.

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