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28, May, 24

New MH3 Spoilers Debut First MTG Enchantment with Storm!

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Modern Horizons 3 is just around the corner, and at this point, we know the majority of the cards in the main set. Unsurprisingly, many of these cards are quite strong in multiple different formats. Beyond just the power level of the cards individually, though, the set’s focus on cool themes and intriguing designs as a whole is really cool.

Today, we are going to focus in on a handful of newly previewed spoilers. Despite not appearing overly powerful at first glance, these cards can be quite impactful if you build around them. From a neat blue Enchantment with Storm to an efficient Eldrazi beater, each of these cards brings something unique to the table.

Amphibian Downpour

Amphibian Downpour

Kicking things off, we have a card with Commander written all over it. Amphibian Downpour is a rather amusing card that can effectively deal with a multitude of opposing threats at once. Thanks to the Enchantment’s Flash ability, you can simply wait for an opponent to cast some spells, then follow up with Amphibian Downpour and Frogify a bunch of Creatures.

Being able to effectively answer multiple Commanders at once without affecting your board is sweet. Where things get even more interesting, however, is if you’re playing a deck that cares about Enchantments entering the battlefield. A huge part of Amphibian Downpour’s appeal is that you end up with a bunch of copies of Amphibian Downpour all over the battlefield.

Any on-color Commander deck utilizing lots of cards with Constellation, such as Eidolon of Blossoms or Archon of Sun’s Grace, can make great use of Amphibian Downpour. Amphibian Downpour may not be up to snuff in Modern, but that doesn’t mean the card won’t have a home elsewhere.

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Eldrazi Linebreaker

Eldrazi Linebreaker

Next up, we have a three-mana Eldrazi with a potent triggered ability. Eldrazi Linebreaker has the potential to enable some rather large attacks, assuming you have a lot of Eldrazi in play. What really makes Eldrazi Linebreaker stand out, though, is simply how powerful the card is on rate alone.

At minimum, Eldrazi Linebreaker gets to attack for four damage the turn you play it. This is a decent chunk of damage for a three-drop. When you start adding other cheap Eldrazi to your deck, things can get a bit out of hand.

Andrea Mengucci, the content creator who previewed this card, mentioned Eldrazi Linebreaker’s incredible synergy with Eldrazi Temple and Eldrazi Mimic. Eldrazi Mimic hasn’t seen much play in Modern since Eye of Ugin was banned. Between Ugin’s Labyrinth as another “Sol” Land and beefy threats like Eldrazi Linebreaker, perhaps an Eldrazi aggro shell is back on the menu.

If Eldrazi Linebreaker gets to live through the turn, the card becomes even more impressive. Playing turn one Eldrazi Mimic, turn two Eldrazi Linebreaker, then following up with turn three Thought-Knot Seer and giving it Haste is an easy avenue to a turn three kill. Throw in Chalice of the Void as a way to protect Eldrazi Linebreaker from Lightning Bolt and you’ve got a gameplan!

While less likely, it’s possible Eldrazi Linebreaker could make its way into Legacy as well. Legacy is chock full of Sol Lands with the presence of Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors. While Eldrazi Linebreaker does require red mana to play, Cavern of Souls and Simian Spirit Guide can help cast it. Eldrazi Stompy is currently a thing of the past in Modern and Legacy, but perhaps MH3 has the tools to bring the archetype back.

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Deem Inferior

Deem Inferior

So far, we’ve focused on Commander and Modern applications. Our last spoiler, by contrast, seems best fit for Pauper. Deem Inferior may cost four mana to deal with a threat temporarily, but it’s easy to get that cost down to as little as one mana. Additionally, Deem Inferior can deal with any non-Land permanent, not just a Creature.

In the context of Modern, Deem Inferior is almost certainly too weak. That being said, this card is definitely worth consideration in Pauper. Most Pauper decks have access to efficient removal. Black decks have access to Snuff Out, red decks have Lightning Bolt, and white decks have Journey to Nowhere. Mono-blue decks, on the other hand, are limited in what they can run.

Tempo strategies like mono-blue Faeries can make solid use of Snap in conjunction with Spellstutter Sprite, but mono-blue Tolarian Terror decks could use an efficient way to answer problematic threats from the opponent. Deem Inferior is a bit awkward at Sorcery speed, but it pairs really nicely with Brainstorm and all the other cantrips the decks utilize.

Getting to remove anything from Gurmag Angler to an opposing copy of Journey to Nowhere is strong. You may even have a window to tuck away Relic of Progenitus, fill your graveyard with Instants and Sorceries, and jam Tolarian Terror or Cryptic Serpent before the hate piece comes back down. Deem Inferior isn’t anything super special, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a reasonable interactive option for a deck that needs it.

Compared to spoilers like Shifting Woodland and Flare of Denial, these cards may not seem overly exciting. Even still, they all have useful applications in various formats that make them appealing. Just like the other Modern Horizons sets, MH3 is filled to the brim with playable cards that are sure to shake things up.

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