28, Mar, 22

MTG Sneaks In Surprise New Capenna Card - Confirms Returning Cycle

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Article at a Glance

We just saw from one of Wizards‘s Story posts, the return of Vivien Reid to Streets of New Capenna. It’s common that within the story, art is shown that previews characters that will be appearing in the set, but WotC did something sneaky this time!

They previewed a card in the first story, and while they did line it up with social media posts, if you had the story up before, you didn’t see the cards! Either way, the card that they previewed is awesome, so let’s take a look at it!


The card that WotC showed off today is Maestros Charm! We’re getting the full tricolor charm cycle back which is very exciting. The last time that we had the Shard charms was back in Shards of Alara block, so it’s been a while. This charm looks pretty ok honestly.

Normally when evaluating a card, casting cost and ease of casting is a factor. Obviously, with 3 different colors of many required here, it’s a bit tricky. But considering where we are in the metagame for Standard, Rakdos is a very highly played color pair, and often times they splash a 3rd color. The deck can often generate treasure tokens to make that splashed color. This leads me to believe that this kind of charm will probably see some play.

The best ability here is definitely the first one. Digging 5 cards deep is often very good, and it also can fuel the graveyard for those synergies is great. After that, the damage ability is pretty average, as is the life drain ability, but both are fine. Overall, this is probably a 3 star card. Fairly average in its power, but could see some play.

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What are your thoughts on this charm? Is it good enough to see play? Let us know what you think!

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