9, Apr, 21

MTG Senior Designer Interviews Artist Jesper Ejsing about Commander (2021 Edition)

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Gavin Verhey interviews artist Jesper Ejsing about creating art for Commander (2021 Edition).
Article at a Glance

On today’s episode of Good Morning Magic, Gavin Verhey interviews noted artist Jesper Ejsing about creating art for the upcoming Commander product– Commander (2021 Edition).

Ejsing is a regular roster of creating Magic: The Gathering art since Lorwyn back in 2007. Jesper’s most notable contribution is with Pathfinder and is his commission to create the cover art for the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path in the spring of 2009. Since then, Ejsing continues to create fantasy-inspired art for various Wizard of the Coast products.

During the video, Verhey asks a bunch of questions about Ejsing’s process of creating the art for Willdowdusk, Essence Seer– the flagship Commander for the Witherbloom Witchcraft Commander (2021 Edition) product.

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Ejsing’s Sketches of Willowdusk, Essence Seer

During the video, you can see Ejsing’s process of how he came to the final iteration of Willowdusk. Going through various sketches to get the concept down, then began painting the piece once approved. You can see the different variants of Willowdusk before settling in on the final concept.


Admittedly, these look gorgeous even as concept pieces. It’s always lovely to see how artists sift through their ideas before settling into the final piece.

If you are interested in picking up any of Esjing’s pieces– they have an online shop here.

Commander (2021 Edition) releases alongside Strixhaven: School of Mages on April 23 with no scheduled release for Magic Online or Magic Arena.

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