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5, Jan, 22

MTG Reddit Community Creates New Planeswalker Focused Cards

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Article at a Glance

The Magic: the Gathering community is filled with loads of creative people! From token makers to alter artists, there’s a ton of community driven content out there. One of the coolest things that I’ve seen in a while is a project from reddit user Heeeeeeeeaavve and the r/custommagic community called MTG Spark. What is it? Well, let’s dive into it because it’s really cool!

What is MTG Spark?

MTG Spark is a series of spells that were created with Planeswalkers Loyalty Counters in mind. How so? These new spells have an alternate casting cost, loyalty counters. We’ve seen something similar to this with Light Up the Night, removing loyalty counters from Planeswalkers to flashback the spell. There’s a few different classes of cards so let’s dive into each of them.

Spark and Color


First up, we have the Spark and Color cards. These are cards where the Spark cost can be paid with any planeswalker that aligns with the color noted in the cost. As we can see, these cards were definitely based on existing cards in the game, but with the Spark cost twist.

Spark and Planeswalkers


Next up is cards that reference a Planeswalker by name. These cards can be cast by paying the spark cost from a specific Planeswalker referenced on the card. These all seem to be brand new cards and are really cool. There are other cards coming up next that also reference planeswalkers, but the spark cost is more than just alternate casting costs.

Spark and “Kicker” Costs


The next set of cards we have are “kicker” cost cards. Effectively, these cards have the “If the Spark Cost was paid”, clauses. This gives some additional effect to the card if the spark cost was paid, some good, some bad in the case of Deal with the Devil.

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Spark and Artifact


The next few are artifact cards that reference a specific planeswalker. There’s a few equipment here and a really spicy artifact for Daretti.

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Spark and Meld


These next few cards take advantage of a mechanic that we haven’t seen in a long time, Meld. There are 2 new Planeswalker cards here as well as a couple of Eldrazi artifacts that reference them. Once the right conditions are met, you meld the two and get a crazy strong permanent on the board.

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These cards are really cool, and an awesome display of what the community can do if they put their heads together. Honestly, I think that these card could be awesome inclusions in a Commander product. If you like these cards, head over to the Reddit Thread and the Website and show some love! What do you think about these? Would you Rule 0 these in commander? Let us know in the comments!

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