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7, Mar, 23

MTG Premium Treatment Cards Lose $140 in Value!

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MTG players have been heavily anticipating the release of the Compleat Bundle for Phyrexia: All Will Be One. We’ve already discussed multiple developments with this product as the larger community started discussing them. Many discussions surrounded, specifically, how inflated the prices became for a bundle. Typically, set bundles like this one tend to hover around the $40-50 dollar range, but this product was going for as much as $150! Following its release this past Friday, the product has begun to lose some inflation. Notably, the Oil Slick Raised Foils that were driving the heavy inflation in price have crashed, drastically affecting the potential value behind these coveted cards.

Oil Slick Raised Foils Plummet

Honestly, anyone familiar with how the secondary market works for MTG products could have seen this coming. MTG cards commonly dip in price after their official releases, but few may have predicted just how much these cards would plummet.

ichormoon gauntlet

The most dramatic movement amongst the Oil Slick Raised foils is Ichormoon Gauntlet. This card, prior to Friday’s release, was worth over $100. The Gauntlet crashed to just $35 in average sales in just a few days. While this isn’t great news for players who opened the card out of their bundles, it is excellent news for those (like myself) who want to bling out their Superfriends EDH decks. This card was heavily anticipated as a higher-end EDH staple before release, but demand for this card was, likely, much lower than expected.

nahiri, the unforgiving

Even though Ichormoon Gauntlet is an excellent example of a dramatic price drop, it’s not the card that dropped in price the hardest. Many of the less-sought-after Planeswalkers present in the Oil-Slick Raised treatment, like Nahiri, the Unforgiving and Lukka, Bound to Ruin have dropped even more. These have dropped from $90+ before release to a measly $10. Once again, this is great for players who want to pick these up as singles at their local game stores, but it is not an ideal card to open in a Compleat Bundle.

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What’s Still Valuable?

elesh norn, mother of machines

Although ALL of the Oil Slick Raised foils have lost some value after the official release of the Compleat Bundle, there are still a few homerun hits for players brave enough to buy a bundle. Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, leads the pack at about $100 each. That said, Elesh Norn also dropped off the most following the release of the bundle. Just a few days ago, this card was worth more than $240 on TCGplayer.

atraxa, grand unifier

Atraxa, Grand Unifier has been shaking up every single MTG format. The card is currently seeing play in Standard, Pioneer Modern, Legacy, and Commander. Play seen regarding this card has dropped off since its initial release. However, it is still a great card in Standard, which is more relevant than usual financially due to the Regional Championship series that is currently happening.

This card has seen the smallest fluctuations amongst the Oil Slick Raised foils and is currently going for somewhere between $75 to $80.

mondrak, glory dominus

The only other cards that are more expensive than Ichormoon Gauntlet currently are Mondrak, Glory Dominus, and Sword of Forge and Frontier. Mondrak is quite literally an Anointed Procession on a body, which makes it a Commander staple. That card is currently going for about $60. Sword of Forge and Frontier, which also has some Commander promise, is going for about $45.

Don’t let these basic lands fool you! These still go for quite a sum when considering that ten are available in a single bundle. The Swamps, according to TCGplayer, currently go for the most at around $7.60 each. Forests are the cheapest, found for about $3.20 as of the writing of this article. Combining the two copies per card you get in the bundle adds up to a total value of about $45. That may not make up for the premiums that the Compleat Edition product is currently selling for, but it does make the $80 price, that some were able to lock in this product at, an absolute steal. Do note that these cards are currently dropping in price, so this value may not be accurate in the coming days.

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Will the Lord of the Rings Bundle Become the Next Compleat Edition?

Even though the MTG finance gurus out there are down on the Compleat Bundle’s numbers, players truly love what Wizards of the Coast has done with the Compleat Bundle. The Oil Slick Raised treatment looks and feels absolutely amazing. I personally am really excited to pick up these singles at their lower prices.

Some players are starting to speculate that the Lord of the Rings Gift Bundle may become the next Compleat edition. Like the Oil Slick Raised foils available in this highly successful product, there are apparently some alternate foil treatments exclusive to this bundle. Time will tell in regards to whether this rings true or not, but brave speculators could lock in early if they think the bundle’s price will increase.

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