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2, Mar, 23

MTG Bizarre Popular Product Restock Sells Out Overnight!

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Article at a Glance

Phyrexia: All Will Be One has been a home run of a set for MTG players. Between all the powerful cards affecting various formats, all the unique Booster Fun treatments that are even causing a little hassle, and the incredible return of many Commander favorites, many MTG players have been enjoying their time with this set. Wizards of the Coast has also introduced some new types of products with this release, and one particular bundle has players going insane. It’s no secret that the amount of value that the Compleat Bundle offers is absolutely incredible on the secondary market, and MTG players’ excitement for Wizards’ newest product has reached an all-time high. This product is so popular, in fact, that a new restock announced last night has already been sold out.

$80 is a Steal?

The Phyrexia: All Will Be One Compleat Bundle has been all the rage since its announcement. This product offers all the normal points of an MTG set bundle but gives a few more exclusive items that really make the kit special. The biggest of which is the Compleat Edition Booster. This provides access to the highly-coveted Oil Slick Raised textured foil cards that are exclusive to this bundle. Many of these cards are going for an incredible premium compared to their normal counterparts. Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, for example, is still selling for around $190 on TCGplayer. Considering the restocked price of this bundle is only $80, it’s easy to see why players are going crazy over the incredibly valuable Bundle. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already bought in at the $80 mark, you may have missed your chance.

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Sold Overnight

News of the restock spread all over Reddit, with multiple threads shouting out the $80 restock for players who want to buy in under the inflated prices otherwise being seen. While these calls to action appeared in multiple Reddit channels, it appears that any Compleat Bundles that were on sale for $80 have since disappeared. As of the writing of this article, the cheapest bundle available on Amazon, the site where the sale was live, is around the $135 mark. TCGplayer currently has sales around the $137 mark, and Walmart, which also had the Compleat bundle for $80, has seemingly taken the product off their shop.

“As of this post being 13 hours old they are back up to 134.” – mkul316

“Darn, missed this and they’re gone. But cheers OP for posting” – Sajomir

As Redditors pointed out, it’s not like the $80 bundle is an insane deal. We’ve had these bundles available at this price for months, but they’ve always been fleeting:

“It was $80 on Amazon to start with months ago lol” – shadowmage666

That said, this $80 commodity seems to be unavailable for the aforementioned price at the moment.

Redistributed Preorders?

Notably, we discussed some issues regarding this product not too long ago. For reference, the Compleat Bundle does not release alongside the rest of the Phyrexia: All Will Be One. While the prerelease of the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Product occurred at the beginning of February, this bundle is releasing this coming weekend in March. As the date moved closer, news of mass cancellations and product allocation cuts made headlines. As a result, many MTG players believe that this sale was a redistribution of canceled or lost preorders:

“well, given they canceled a bunch of orders at the distributor level — seems kind of strange that wotc suddenly came up on a few thousand boxes.

but glad they’re at the original price and not the inflated markup that went all the way to $160 on tcgplayer.” – ClumsyG

“its canceled pre orders. People got them for around 60 and canceling cause amazon will charge now.” – Slayer370

None of this, of course, can be confirmed in any way, but it is somewhat suspicious that a new set of preorders appeared and went after so many players had issues with product cancellations for the same product just a week before:

“About three or four stores I’ve been texting this afternoon are asking if I’m aware about the supply problem, if it’s temporary, if there’s multiple waves. Nobody seems to know but there apparently seems to be some sort of problem going on and stores which, whatever you were told previously on allocation so far, stores are getting told that they’re getting between – some people saying half, some people say that they’re getting a quarter, some people say that they’re getting a third. I’m not really sure – the information is very wishy-washy.”

Alpha Investments

Are They Still Worth it?

Even though these Compleat Edition bundles are back up to their inflated $135 price tags, is it financially worth purchasing this premium product? Most of the value in these Bundles comes from the Compleat Edition packs and the massive premiums that these Oil Slick cards are fetching on the secondary market. Notably, these cards have not technically been released to the public yet, and, as seen with many MTG cards, the price tanks after they are released. For that reason, I think it’s pretty difficult to make a judgment call on whether these Bundles are worth their inflated price. If the Oil Slick Raised foils maintain their premiums, honestly, it’s a pretty fair price. That said, there is a big possibility that this will not be the case. There’s also a real possibility that more of these $80 products will return in the future.

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