Oath of Gideon
13, Apr, 23

MTG Players Suggest Iconic Character May Return From the Dead

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Article at a Glance

Within recent Magic: the Gathering sets, MTG players have seen many beloved characters die. This is thanks to the, according to Wizards, incredibly impactful events of the Phyrexian Arc, which isn’t even over yet. Throughout this dramatic story arc, players endured the compleation of numerous beloved Planeswalkers and the deaths of several others. While this should have made the story incredibly impactful, unfortunately, many players didn’t see it that way. As if that wasn’t bad enough for Wizards, now a new revelation is threatening to cheapen the ongoing story even more. As, in a shocking turn of events, it appears beloved MTG characters can return from the grave. 

Gideon Jura is Back from the dead?!

Magic #25 | BOOM! comics
Magic #25 | BOOM! comics

Taking to Reddit, user u/Regular-Poet-3657 recently surprised a lot of MTG players by loudly proclaiming, “He’s Back!!!” Within their post, Regular-Poet-365 showcased how, in the Magic Boom! comics, at least, Gideon Jura is Back from the dead. Considering Gideon sacrificed themselves during War of the Spark to defeat Nicol Bolas, this reveal understandably caught many players by surprise. After all, within Magic: the Gathering, dead typically means dead, which ensures the stories have consequences. In the comics, however, evidently, this rule doesn’t always apply, as Gideon is back to have a chat. 

Thankfully for MTG players concerned about the implications of this dramatic story revelation, there needn’t be any worry. The Magic BOOM! comics are not canon. This means that,  despite Gideon reappearing here, he’s still dead and buried in Ravnica within the main Magic storyline. Somewhat remarkably, considering how beloved Gideon was, for many players, this was seen as a good thing. Reddit user u/RWBadger, for instance, was glad that Gideon is still dead as it preserves the impact of death. “Canon aside, bringing back Gideon cheapens the story significantly. Let the dead rest!” 

Despite several MTG players being glad the Magic BOOM! comics aren’t canon, remarkably, there were those who wished Gideon would return. Considering that Gideon was beloved by many players, this may not be too surprising. Recently, however, it appears that Gideon may have the perfect opportunity to return. As, following March of the Machine, there’s an opening in the God market. 

Could Gideon Actually Come Back?

Heliod, the Warped Eclipse
Heliod, the Warped Eclipse | March of the Machine

While it might not have had the consequences many players hoped for, March of the Machine’s story nevertheless had several twists and turns. Tamiyo and Lukka, for instance, were both killed, and a number of Planeswalkers seemingly lost their sparks. Alongside this, the fan-favorite plane of Theros was ravaged by the Phyrexian invasion thanks to some sneaky tactics. Rather than trying to overwhelm the planes with sheer force, Elesh Norn and the compleated Ajani Goldmane targeted the plane’s gods. By leading the Phyrexian forces in prayer, Ajani was able to compleat the plane’s gods with surprisingly little struggle. So much so, in fact, that according to Ephara, Ever-Sheltering‘s flavor text, almost all the major gods were compleated. 

“The gods of Theros exist because we will it to be so. They serve at our behest. You know now the glory of Phyrexia, the glory of true unity—an unending bond between all that lives. Is that not a greater divinity?”

Ajani Goldmane | March of the Machine Story Episode 6: The Last to Leave

While the Phyrexians ultimately lost the war, it’s safe to say Theros is nevertheless left in a state of disarray. That is the expectation, at least, as currently, we don’t know what’s going on over there. While gods were compleated and killed, with the same surely happening to countless citizens, March of the Machine’s story didn’t linger on consequences. Instead, that is the job of March of the Machine: Aftermath, which doesn’t launch until May. While we won’t know what happens for sure until then, it certainly seems like there’s a power vacuum on Theros. After all, with Heliod dead, surely someone has to fill that role.

If that’s the case, MTG players on Reddit have just one suggestion for who can fill that role: Gideon. “Heliod dying does set up a Gideon return as the white god pretty well,” u/Taysir385 commented on Reddit. Furthering this point, u/4morim mused that it “would be cool to have Gideon ‘reborn’ as a god because of people’s faith in him after Heliod falls.” 

Only Time Will Tell

Gideon, Battle-Forged
Gideon, Battle-Forged | Magic Origins

Unfortunately, while this idea about Gideon’s return might be in vogue, thanks to the Magic BOOM! comics, there’s no telling if it will actually happen in the official Magic Cannon. Is it possible? Technically yes, as far as we can tell, at least. That being said, however, it is important to note that Gideon isn’t actually in Theros’ underworld since he died on Ravnica.  Due to this quirk, it’s possible that Gideon may not be eligible for Godhood, no matter how much he’s prayed to. Ultimately, however, MTG players will just have to wait and see what the future holds. 

Thankfully, it may not be long before players find out. As, hopefully, all will be revealed during March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Considering this is only a 50-card Standard-legal supplemental set, however, it’s possible the gods of Theros may get glossed over. If this does happen, MTG players may be left waiting until Magic return to Theros once more. At the earliest, this could happen during 2024, however, players could be waiting a whole lot longer than that.

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