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13, Jun, 24

MTG Players Request a Bunch of New Batches

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Batches have been a hot topic in MTG as of late. While typically this creature-type groping mechanic rarely matters, recently, it’s been happening a lot. Between Outlaws in Thunder Junction and errata expanding typal options, batches have been all the rage!

As if the recent developments haven’t been enough already, MTG players have been requesting even more batches be created. While there’s no telling if or when any of these hypotheticals may be realized, one thing is clear for certain. There’s no question that many MTG players want a lot more batches in Magic.

Fueling the batching fire, Reddit user u/AscendronPrime recently asked players what they want to see. With no regard for when any of these desires may come true, players didn’t hold back pitching their prospective batches. The question remains, however, if any of these are actually a good idea or not.

Sea Creatures

Kiora, Sovereign of the Deep

Unsurprisingly, the most popular and frequently suggested batch was the long-awaited grouping of Sea Creatures. Technically, this consortium of creatures already has some support in Kiora, Sovereign of the Deep but players want more. Given the opportunity, players finally want to unite Krakens, Leviathans, Octopuses, and Serpents.

Sadly, like all the potential batches we’ll be talking about today, there’s no telling when the Sea Creatures batch may become real. That being said, out of all the options, this one definitely has the most momentum behind it. Not only have players been requesting this grouping for years, but Mark Rosewater, MTG’s Lead Designer, is keenly aware of this demand.

Ultimately, only two questions seem to remain for the much-requested Sea Creatures batch. Firstly, there’s the question of when this batch will arrive, and secondly, how many creature types it will contain. According to Rosewater, the upper limit for batches is five types, which technically leaves room for one addition.

Whether Wizards decides to add Whales, Crabs, or even Merfolk to this batch, players are practically ravenous for it. Hopefully, these seafood-loving players won’t be kept waiting too long for an appropriate aquatic set. Sadly, looking ahead at the MTG release calendars, the earliest such a set could arrive is 2026.


Aysen Crusader

As if they didn’t have enough support already, a fair few MTG players requested multiple martial creature types be batched together. As u/hiesatai suggests, this could include Soldiers, Knights, and Warriors, with perhaps Clerics joining too. Considering almost all of these types are basically synonyms for one another this batch certainly seems like a sensible suggestion.

While the Hero or Martial batch might theoretically make sense, these creature types are already well supported. With countless lords and plenty of internal synergies, each of these typal archetypes already exists individually. Due to this, it may be a misstep to group them all under one umbrella.

As much as more options are nice, having too many choices can remove mechanical complexity from MTG. Right now, you have to make a choice whether you build around Soldiers, Knights, and Warriors in casual and constructed. If Wizards implemented a Hero or Martial batch, however, there’d be no reason not to play the best of everything.

Thankfully, while it could cause problems, batches are rarely retroactively applied to lords and synergistic cards. Due to this, Wizards could control how much support a new Hero or Martial batch has. While this could make it viable, Wizards could have to tightly manage this typal group, as it could quickly get out of hand.


Raphael, Fiendish Savior

While not nearly as well supported as Soldiers, Knights, and Warriors, Fiends is another hypothetical batch that could work wonders. Bringing together Demons, Devils, Imps, and Tieflings this Dungeons & Dragons-inspired batch has some interesting hellish potential. In total, this batch would contain 298 cards at the time of wiring, which is a very healthy starting point.

Much like the Sea Creature batch perfectly suiting an underwater-themed set, the Fiends batch has an obvious home. Should Wizards ever print another D&D set, or visit the literal plane of Hell, this batch would fit perfectly. Sadly, much like the hypothetical underwater set, no such set has been announced for the near future.

Unlike many other batches pitched by players that group existing archetypes, Fiends could make underserved creature types useable. On their own, Devils, Imps, and Tieflings sadly barely have enough cards to support a Commander deck. Since new support for these rarely-seen creatures is hardly guaranteed, this batch could make them properly playable.


Mentor's Guidance

Much like the proposed Hero batch, Mages would be another incredibly bloated option that Wizards could technically create. Containing Clerics, Druids, Shamans, Warlocks, and Wizards, this batch would feature almost 2,500 cards if created today. While these creature types have little existing synergy, this nonetheless makes hypothetical Mage support cards somewhat risky.

Unlike many of the batches requested by players, Mages technically already has one foot in the door. Back in Strixhaven: School of Mages, Wizards of the Coast printed Mentor’s Guidance. Much like Krothuss, Lord of the Deep this card didn’t give create an official batch, but it nonetheless laid the groundwork. 

Thanks to this first step from Wizards, Mages may be a more realistic option than many of the suggestions from players. Considering that we’re going back to Strixhaven in Q1 of 2026, this batch could even become a reality fairly soon. At worst, hopefully, we can get a few more pieces of unofficial support to sate the desires of players.

Doing Batching Right

Double Down

Ultimately, there is no shortage of potential batches that Wizards of the Coast could create for MTG. With suggestions for Equines, Flora, Nerds, Undead, and even “Batshit cards,” it’s clear that players just want more batches. We can only hope that when one of these new batches gets created, Wizards of the Coast will do things right.

Thankfully, Wizards’ track record when creating batches means that we should have no reason for concern. Looking back at Outlaws of Thunder Junction, for example, the Outlaws batch offered plenty of expanded support without taking things too far. Ultimately, there was only one real problem with this batch: its name.

Unlike Modified or Historic which describe qualities, Outlaws is more exclusive to Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s setting. Due to this, it’ll be more difficult to give this new batch further support going forward. Hopefully, future batches will be made with this problem in mind, so fans aren’t left waiting and wanting.

At the end of the day, it’s sadly unclear when any of these new batches could see the light of day in MTG. Currently, the return to Strixhaven in 2026 may be the next opportunity, but we’d welcome being surprised earlier. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens and what the future brings.

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