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2, Aug, 23

MTG Players Outraged at Disappointing Sale Event

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Article at a Glance

As we all know, Magic: the Gathering can be a tremendously expensive game to play. Part of this is thanks to rising costs and expensive mana bases which now exist in almost every MTG format. Alongside this, MTG also has plenty of iconic and legendary cards for players to fawn over. The latest example of these is the sale of the One-of-One Ring, to MTG fanatic Post Malone

While this $2 million+ card is obviously big news, for most MTG players, this card is unfortunately unaffordable. Thankfully, while The One Ring may be out of our collective price ranges, there are other cards and art treatments to get excited about. Between foils, booster fun treatments, and Secret Lair drops, MTG players have no shortage of cards to collect.

To make these gorgeous cards even more collectible, yesterday, Wizards of the Coast kicked off a summer sale event. On MTG Arena, this event runs until the 15th of August, giving plenty of time for players to pursue Wizards’ wares. Unfortunately, however, despite the name of this MTG Arena sale event, the deals on offer aren’t quite perfect. In fact, thanks to high prices, many MTG players are simply outraged.

A Sale to Remember

Big Spender
Big Spender | Alchemy: New Capenna

Typically, with the wider gaming world, summer sales are regarded as some of the best events around. The Steam Summer Sale, for instance, is legendary within the games industry. Previously providing players with awesome deals, fun events, and even free games, players have always looked forward to these events. 

Thanks to this, when Wizards announced the MTG Summer Sale on Monday, many players understandably started to get excited. Once the sale actually arrived, however, it was clear there were problems. While the sale does feature some reasonable discounts and half-price bundles, predominantly, the sale’s big draw is new content. 

While this decision is admittedly a little unusual for a summer sale, the new content in question is enjoyable at least. For instance, much to the delight of players, Wizards has brought back the scuffed-up card sleeve from 2023’s April Fools event. Alongside this, the latest, somewhat dubious, Secret Lair Superdrop art has all been turned into sleeves. As if that wasn’t enough already, the store also has a handful of card styles, emotes, and pets to purchase and enjoy! 

From all this content, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty to enjoy during the MTG Arena Summer Sale. Saying that, however, some of this content isn’t exactly cheap… To start things off on the positive side, however, the bundles of digital sleeves won’t entirely break the bank. Priced between 600 and 1500 gems, you’ll only have to spend between $5 and $10 to acquire each bundle. 

Moving up the price a little bit, Wizards is also offering an assortment of sticker bundles for between 1800 and 2100 gems. Requiring you to spend at least $15, these digital stickers are slowly getting up there in price, however, they do look absolutely adorable. Just look at sunbathing Karn! What a chill guy!

Summer Sale Karn Sticker
Karn just being a chill guy

A Sale to Forget

Unfortunately, while the sleeve bundles and sticker packs do offer decent value, not every summer sale product is so good. This is unfortunately the case for the “Secret Lair: The Astrology Lands” bundle.  As the name suggests, this bundle contains all twelve Secret Lair lands themed around the zodiac star signs. 

Featuring art created by Jeanne D’Angelo, this bundle of basic land styles is sure to delight many MTG fans. The price of this bundle, however… not so much… Currently, on MTG Arena, the Secret Lair: The Astrology Lands bundle costs 9,600 gems (or 48,000 gold). To put this in real money, 9,200 gems if $49,99, so you’ll need to spend almost $55 just for this land bundle!

Considering a typical Secret Lair will cost around $30, the Astrology Lands bundle certainly isn’t cheap. In comparison to other deals, however, it’s even more egregious as other bundles are much more adorable. The full art Secret Lair: Jozyndan lands, for example, are only 2,500 gems. Alternatively, the full art Map Lands from The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth are 5,000 gems. 

With the Astrology Lands bundle costing more than both these bundles combined, many MTG players aren’t best pleased. So much so, in fact, that across social media, players have been lambasting this dubious deal. “50 bucks for 10 card styles in a digital game. What a sale. Thanks, WOTC,” Reddit user u/tinkiiwinki commented. 

“Lol, 48 fuckin’ thousand. I’d rather have the 48 packs, TYVM. What a sale!”


“For that price, I expect they’ll send you a poster of the lands too”


“The bling tempts you -Wizards, probably.”


Unfortunately, as if the expensive Astrology bundle wasn’t bad enough, many MTG players also took issue with the returning April Fools sleeve. Specifically, the fact that it was being sold, rather than given away. While many players would rather receive this card for free, there were plenty of players more than happy to purchase this affordable slice of nostalgia. 

“[This] is the best 3000 gold I will ever spend in this game.”


“As someone who grew up playing magic with no sleeves and used (gods forgive me) rubber bands around my decks, this has a nostalgia that might actually tempt me to get it.”


Expensive, but Only if You Want It

Costly Plunder | Ixalan
Costly Plunder | Ixalan

Thankfully, while every item in the MTG Arena summer sale may not be as lucrative as players hoped, there is one thing to remember. You don’t have to buy any cosmetics if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, it’s entirely possible to play MTG Arena for completely nothing thanks to daily quests. 

Through these quests, the free Mastery Pass, free pack codes, and Midweek Magic events, it’s not too hard to build up your collection. Subsequently, if you don’t like the look of these deals, you simply don’t have to buy them! In fact, outside of purchasing packs and Anthology sets with gold, you can pretty much ignore the store entirely. 

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