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28, Dec, 22

MTG Player's Insane Project Shakes Up the Marketplace!

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MTG players tend to celebrate their beloved game in their own unique ways. Even Wizards of the Coast supports this approach to the game, encouraging players to engage with MTG in their own unique ways. Commander players can open new products and try them out against friends at their kitchen table. In contrast, competitive players have been gifted with a swath of high-level competitive tournaments all week on Magic Online. One particular player just up and announced that he wanted to decorate his gaming room wall full of a specific MTG card, and the card’s price and demand have spiked overnight. Here’s the newest MTG secondary market trend being created by one player who wants to decorate his wall full of Llanowar Elves!

The Quest for 1400 Llanowar Elves

llanowar elves

One MTG player took to Reddit and stated that they were going to create a buyout of Unlimited Llanowar Elves single-handedly. This set is rather old, distinguishable by its old artwork and white border. Unlike most buyouts, there is, apparently, no attempt to make money here. This particular Redditor, aptly named Llanowarelvesftw, wants to finish a project that he has been working on for quite a long time:

“In advance i want to apologize for my Bad English 😉 you are allowed to make fun of me ????

Today another llanowar elves unlimited buyout occured on tcgplayer. I bought Out every single Listing and i will continue to buy Listings Up AS soon AS they get listed 🙂

Why am i doing this ?

I Plan to Cover one entire Wall in my gaming room With this elves. To Reach my Goal I Need about 3,6k elves.

But since i gathered 2,2k elves over the Last 5 years the supply seems to dry Out.

I will Post the gaming room Wall once its finished 🙂

Why am I Posting this Here ?

Since the supply of Llanowar elves unlimited on the Open Market seems to dry Out I thought I might kindly ASK people to list their elves on the Market so i can buy Them Up to Finish my Project.”

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Market Changes

The pictures taken above are meant to highlight the difference in demand between Unlimited Llanowar Elves before and after this statement was made. The card is selling in lump sums on certain days, but none of those compare to the day that this Redditor made his declaration. About 72 Unlimited Llanowar Elves were sold yesterday alone. On previous days when copies of this card sold, it was tough for more than ten copies to move on the marketplace. We do not, however, know how many of these are actually being bought by the Redditor.

As you might imagine, this influx in Llanowar Elves interest has also increased the asking price for such cards. There are a lot of incredibly overpriced versions of this card on the market due to the increase in interest. However, it looks like anything that’s super overpriced is not currently selling. These are moving for anywhere under $20 at the moment, however, which, according to market averages, is about double its normal price. If our Redditor’s claims are valid, he will be taking a large number of Unlimited Llanowar Elves out of the marketplace permanently, which could quickly raise the market value of these cards by a few bucks.

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An Admired Pursuit

After the marketplace saw a change, players flocked to this Reddit post to cheer on this ambitious goal:

“Big respect! I have similar project, collecting one specific common (from Judgment), mostly aiming for foils, I have all versions and languages, and after I bought the MKM supply few times it gets harder and harder to find more. I only aim to fill a bindery not a wall though.

Good luck!” – pikolak

“First off. Awesome.

Second off. Awesome.

Third off. Whats your paypal man, imah send ya some money to help with this f*cking endeavor. Msg me it. I can’t SUPPLY them myself. Sorry.” – WrittenCommissions

“This man has a dream devoid of greed, and it’s glorious.” – kilqax

Anyone who engages with MTG community members also knows that there is a chance that alternative motives are at play, especially with a Reddit post like this one. Other players remain skeptical of ‘lannowarelvesftw’s true intentions:

“honestly this sounds like someone trying to spike the market to get a better price to sell his own spec.” – sporenfrosch

That said, this is a substantial minority of comments. Many are trying to shout out where there is still stock for this ambitious Redditor to buy and are cheering him on along the way.

Best of Luck!

If players want to get rid of their Unlimited Llanowar Elves for a price slightly above market, now may be the time to do so. If the interested party is only one man, your cards may not be bought immediately. As of the writing of this article, not a single one of these has been purchased on TCGplayer past December 27. That said, our Redditor is looking for multiple sources of these cards, so there may be buyouts occurring in other places too. Hopefully, this ambitious project will inspire many other MTG players to engage with the game uniquely and expand the community even more!

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