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Fan-Favorite MTG Theming Returns with Massive Commander Reprint!

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In the past, whenever a new Secret Lair Superdrop has hit the scene, everything has been revealed in one big sitting. Since Secret Lair has swapped to this new limited print run strategy, it seems Wizards has changed their strategy. Now, it’s almost like each Superdrop has its own miniature spoiler season.

Throughout this week, we’ve seen more and more Secret Lairs be revealed to excited fans. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re available for purchase on February 5; this coming Monday. Do remember that, even though these are available until March 3, they now have a limited print run, meaning they may sell out earlier.

One fan-favorite Secret Lair was spoiled to return, and there are some fantastic reprints to be had! Considering that recently revealed Secret Lairs have not been too impressive financially, this is certainly a welcome change.

Let’s take a look at the financial reprint value for the Second Helpings of the MTG Just Add Milk Secret Lair!

MTG Just Add Milk 2: Electric Boogaloo

MTG Just Add Milk was an incredibly successful Secret Lair the first time it was released. This is largely because of a massive reprint that appeared in the nostalgic cereal box-esque Secret Lair: Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. The Eldrazi Titan’s second appearance was much more expensive when MTG Just Add Milk was initially released, easily retailing for about $40. Since then, a reprint in Commander Masters has knocked the price down significantly.

The Just Add Milk Second Helpings Secret Lair has yet another absolute banger of a reprint, and some of the other cards are likely to be worth some money, too!

Sakashima, of a Thousand Faces

Sakashima of a Thousand Faces is the chase reprint in this iteration of the Just Add Milk Secret Lair. Not only is Sakashima an incredibly powerful Partner Commander, but Sakashima is a very popular inclusion in any Commander deck that wants copies of their Commander – which is a LOT of them.

Thanks to Sakashima ignoring the Legend Rule, you can safely copy your Commanders without worrying about the Legend Rule chopping your board states. This can become a larger focus if Sakashima is your Commander but, honestly, Sakashima ends up doing a Spark Double impression most of the time, and that’s an incredibly powerful ability in Commander.

Thanks to Sakashima, largely, only having one Mythic Rare printing in Commander Masters, a non-foil Sakashima typically sells for about $25 on TCGplayer. Foils tend to sell for a few dollars more. Additionally, Secret Lair exclusives tend to sell for a few more dollars than other variants, but depending on the supply of this reprint, it could knock prices down a bit.

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is, by far, the most bizarre reprint on this list. This $20 card is a Parallel Lives on a body. Doubling effects of any kind are a big deal in Commander, and Adrix and Nev are no exception. Why, then, is this reprint so bizarre?

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters also happens to be one of the big reprints in the Deep Clue Sea Commander precon releasing alongside Murders at Karlov Manor. This Commander precon is sure to fly off the shelves as it has the best reprints we’ve ever seen.

For better or worse this means that a ton of Adrix and Nev are going to hit the marketplace soon. Already, this has resulted in the Deep Clue Sea reprint being worth $5 less than other variants. Thanks to the new Secret Lair further increasing supply, this value could drop further, but that’s not guaranteed.

Notably, the reprinting of Adrix and Nev is non-foil, so the foil copies from the original Commander deck could retain value better than expected.

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Krark, the Thumbless

Krark, the Thumbless is a popular cEDH Commander, commonly paired ironically with Sakashima, the Imposter. Being able to copy and return spells to your hand is incredibly powerful, and can quickly get out of hand when done with mana-neutral or mana-positive spells that can fuel a Storm payoff.

For those hoping for a ton of secondary market value, Krark is not the place to find it. The Commander Masters variant of this card only goes for fifty cents. Considering that Krark does see a substantial amount of cEDH play, a premium copy of it could be rather valuable. As far as reprint value for Krark goes, however, this is a miss in nonfoil.

In foil, Krark’s price skyrockets to $5, showcasing that rarer versions of this card have value because of how powerful Krark, the Thumbless truly is. This means that this premium Secret Lair variant could have some secondary market value as well.

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Yargle, Glutton of Urborg

While Yargle may be one of Magic’s biggest memes, it’s an absolutely terrible card. A vanilla 9/3 doesn’t accomplish much of anything. Unless your Yargle is serialized, it’s not worth anything. That said, there are a lot of players who are eager to purchase this Secret Lair just for the premium reprint of a Magic meme:

“I’m a simple planeswalker. I see a Yargle meme cash in, I open my wallet. (Sorry to the other posters replying about how terrible it is to laugh about an awkward card.)”


As a result, this cereal box Yargle could end up having some secondary market value, but as far as reprint value goes, it’s worthless.

Final Thoughts

The reprint value of Just Add Milk Second Helpings easily encourages players to consider purchasing this product. When using just the current market values of Sakashima, the Imposter and the reprinted Adrix and Nev, Twincasters, that’s already $40, which is $10 above the average asking price of a nonfoil Secret Lair. Ironically, the foil Secret Lair may actually be the weaker deal here, but that partially depends on how much the reprinting of Adrix and Nev affects its overall market values for different variants.

Just Add Milk was a hit Secret Lair the first time Magic players saw it, and Second Helpings looks decent as well. Sadly, considering that all the Winter Drop Secret Lairs will be limited run and a lot of the other Secret Lairs do not have great secondary market value, this Secret Lair could sell out quickly.

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