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Overlooked MTG Cats & Dogs Upgrade Spikes to $40!

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One of the biggest talking points in Magic as a whole right now is the Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair. After wowing the Magic audience with an incredibly flavorful set of Basic Lands, and amazing double-sided reprints like Anointed Procession, the hype for Raining Cats & Dogs was at its highest. Things quickly turned for the worse, however, when the Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair sold out in just under six hours.

Unfortunately, a lot of MTG players, or scalpers, quickly grabbed all of the existing copies of Raining Cats & Dogs. Sure, some of those are going to go right back onto the market and get resold, but a majority of these will likely eventually end up in the hands of players who want to use them. As a result, players are looking for upgrades to make their Cat and Dog-themed strategy even better, and one older card is seriously spiking in price.

Arahbo, Roar of the World

Arahbo, Roar of the World

None of the face Commanders from 2017’s Commander set has a healthy supply. Edgar Markov is currently worth a disgusting amount of money. The same was true of The Ur-Dragon until it saw a reprint in the recent Commander Masters product. Similarly, Arahbo, Roar of the World has faced this issue, much to the dismay of cat lovers.

In case you’re unfamiliar with these iconic cards, each Commander 2017 Face Commander has Eminence. Able to create value even from the Command Zone, Eminence is one of the most powerful abilities in the Commander format. In Arahbo’s case, regardless of whether it’s in the Command Zone or in play, it can buff another Cat by +3/+3 before it attacks. This synergizes with Arahbo’s secondary ability, allowing you to pay three mana to give a cat Trample, as well as +X/+X, where X is the cat’s power.

While this ability is undeniably strong, the Raining Cats & Dogs deck already has a Commander; Rin and Seri, Inseparable. Since this Commander is Naya, they can’t easily be swapped out for Arahbo. As a result, they’ll just have to be included within 99. Here, their potential strength is reduced dramatically, but they’re nonetheless still a powerful card that’s well worth including.

Regardless, as pointed out by the reemerging Heroes & Legends Youtube channel, Arahbo, Roar of the World has seen significant price increases over the past two weeks.

The Spike

Over on TCGplayer, Arahbo, Roar of the World’s market average has spiked significantly over the past three months. Arahbo saw a bit of a jump between November and December, but the real spike began at the beginning of the new year. Worth $12 initially, Arahbo spiked to a market average of $26 over the course of the month.

Current sales for Arahbo suggest that the cat’s price spike is nowhere near over. Now selling consistently for over $40 in near-mint condition, most of TCGplayer’s recent sales for the cat over the past few days vary between $30 and $50. All of this is above the card’s current market average. Notably, this variant of Arahbo is only available in traditional foil.

Arahbo also happens to have a Secret Lair variant available. This Arahbo is also only exclusively available in foil and is even more expensive than the Commander 2017 variant. You can expect to find this variant for between $45 and $60 according to recent TCGplayer sales.

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Another Spiking Kitty

So, we now know that, whether Raining Cats & Dogs is the cause or not, MTG cats are getting popular. While nothing is spiking quite like Arahbo is, a lot of MTG cat cards are seeing smaller price spikes. Here’s what they look like.

Highcliff Felidar, an extremely expensive kitty in-game with a mana value of seven, has two relatively difficult-to-access printings. Only previously available in the 2019 Magic Game Night product, scarcity likely plays a role in Highcliff Felidar’s price.

The other printing for Highcliff Felidar, ironically, comes from the Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair itself. That said, while this seems to have a positive impact on the reprint’s secondary market price comparatively, it has not seemed to affect the consistently rising price of the original Highcliff Felidar much.

Notably, the original Highcliff Felidar is only available in traditional foil, while the new Raining Cats & Dogs printing is only available in non-foil. The Traditional Foil Highcliff Felidar has consistently risen in price over the last three months, rising from a market average of $5.77 to $8.40. Recent sales suggest that this price increase is not yet over, with consistent $9.45 sales being seen.

Pride Sovereign

Pride Sovereign’s market average has been, a little volatile, to say the least. Unlike Highcliff Felidar, this cat is not a part of the Raining Cats & Dogs Secret Lair precon, and instead is being looked at as an alternative to some of the off-theme cards in the deck.

Pride Sovereign, if given time, can create a giant army on its own. A Lord for cats, Pride Sovereign can Exert itself to create an army of Lifelinking cats. This is a rather slow repetitive process, but Pride Sovereign can play two different roles. You can buff an existing board of creatures, but you can also grow your board, making Pride Sovereign a decent threat.

Pride Sovereign has seen a smaller spike in the last two and a half weeks, rising from a market average of $3.38 to about $5. Sales suggest that, while this is an accurate indication of Pride Sovereign’s price, it could rise a bit further.

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