29, Jul, 21

MTG Is Going To Get Even More Expensive

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Magic: The Gathering is already expensive for a lot of us, and it looks like it's going to be even more so soon.
Article at a Glance

It’s well known that Magic: The Gathering is not a cheap hobby. It’s also well known that it’s a game that brings in a lot of money. In fact, we’ve literally reported on this fact in the last few days because of just how much money it’s making.

Despite that, it looks as though consumers may well be eating up a price increase to try and offset the constantly rising cost of shipping costs. These costs have soared substantially in recent months, and they show no sign of stopping, no doubt due to the ongoing pandemic.

Price increase incoming

We know about this proposed price increase thanks to the wonderful lot over at Dicebreaker, who’ve reported that on the latest Hasbro quarterly earnings call, the company has explained that they will be “implementing price increases during the third quarter that should be fully realized by the fourth quarter.”The aim here is to try and offset the “rising cost of freight and commodities we continue to see across the business.”

While we obviously appreciate that rising costs do make things more expensive, it all feels a little poorly timed when you consider just how much money MTG is making. In fact, even the digital versions of MTG are raking in money way beyond what was expected, and those definitely don’t have shipping costs to consider.

It feels as though the consumer is being asked to take all of this cost onto themselves, when the company is already profiting off of customers in an almost unbelievable way. Now, we get that capitalism is all about making that money, and that’s why this is going to happen, but it also feels as though this is just another instance of Hasbro, the company that own Wizards of the Coast, making a decision that’s decidedly against player interests. There are no firm details on how much this increase is going to be, but this is a story that everyone playing MTG should be keeping an eye on.

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