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MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Leaks Potential Planeswalker Showcase Frame and More

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Ahead of the start of Preview season for the next Magic: the Gathering set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, a few potential cards have been leaked to the public over on Reddit, and they show some REALLY interesting stuff. Bare in mind, that these are NOT official yet, they may be fake, but they do look pretty legit from what I can tell.

Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye

The first set of cards that are shown is the return of a fan favorite Planeswalker, Arlinn Kord.

Looking at the new Arlinn, She’s a transform Planeswalker! We had a feeling that the transform was coming back as a mechanic, but Wizards of the Coast did say that they changed how it works. Looking at the two keywords, Daybound and Nightbound, it seems like the mechanic is the same, they just gave keywords to them. That’s where you’d be wrong.

Wizards of the Coast

Also leaked were 2 tokens showing Day and Night, and the rules text of how these mechanics work. When it becomes day, where a player has cast at least 2 spells in a turn, then all Nightbound permanents get transformed to their Daybound side. When it becomes Night, all Daybound Permanents transform to their Nightbound side. Additionally, permanents that have this mechanic will enter in their Nightbound side if it’s night.

Now it does say that the time will change “next turn”. That’s a bit ambiguous so we’ll have to see if that is a delayed trigger in a phase, or a state based action of the game that happens as you enter the next turn. Either way this is a very cool evolution on the Transform mechanic.

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Show Me What You Got

Wizards of the Coast

The last thing that we have leaked is a new card, Saryth, the Viper’s Fang, and the showcase art for the set! This definitely has a Throne of Eldraine sort of vibe, being very detailed in the artistry. It’s definitely stunning for sure. The card is really interesting as well. This definitely could fit right at home in a Mono Green Aggro style shell, turning your beaters that might be blocked into creatures that your opponent will have to think twice about blocking. This also plays well with Fynn, the Fangbearer.

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Again I want to stress that these cards and mechanics are NOT confirmed by Wizards of the Coast or have been made official through the preview season. I anticipate that if they’re legit, that we’ll probably see them tomorrow when preview season starts, or in the next couple days after. What are your thoughts on these cards though? Are you happy with how the transform mechanic was potentially handled? What about the showcase frame? Let us know in the comments!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is the first of two new Innistrad sets coming to Magic: the Gathering. It’s being released in tabletop on September 24th, 2021, and online on September 17th, 2021. Previews start on September 2nd, 2021. Be sure to check out our Preview Gallery to stay up to date with all the new previews. You can also preorder Innistrad: Midnight Hunt product here.

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