toski, bearer of secrets
2, Mar, 23

MTG Fans Mourn Rumored Favored Character Corruption!

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Article at a Glance

While the MTG community doesn’t know much about the March of the Machine, what we know is pretty exciting. We know that Elesh Norn’s plan to invade the Multiverse has been much more successful so far than many may have expected. We also know that many planes are being featured in this upcoming set as a result of the attacks. There’s a new double-sided card type and some strange Legendary team-up cards. Since we know that many Planes are being invaded, it makes sense for many characters to appear in early artworks for the set. That said, some characters aren’t looking so good, and one character, in particular, is getting a lot of attention from the MTG community.

Phyrexian Toski?

Among some new promotional art spoiled as a part of the Command Fest announcements today were some pictures of Kaldheim being invaded by Phyrexia. While there is more to discuss past our unfortunate friend, many MTG players are mortified that the Legendary Squirrel from Kaldheim, Toski, Bearer of Secrets, seems to have been found Compleated.

Lore-wise, according to, “Toski is a mischievous squirrel who serves Esika, the god of the World Tree. Though he is tiny (especially compared with some of the other Cosmos monsters), he scampers with unbelievable speed along the World Tree to bring news and carry messages between the Ten Realms.” Notably, Toski also does not talk at all – but instead communicates telepathically with Esika to ensure that none of the secrets it has witnessed are accidentally revealed.

As many of the above tweets have made apparent, many MTG players had an emotional attachment to this Legendary squirrel. These continue on in a Reddit conversation dedicated to breaking down new information seen in these promotional March of the Machine Kaldheim photos:

“Not Toski ????” – 5edu5o


sarulf, realm eater

Notably, Sarulf also seems to be Compleated in the same picture. The community doesn’t seem as concerned about the wolf as the squirrel, but it has not escaped the astute players’ notice.

Notably, Sarulf and Toski are both parts of the Cosmos Beasts that call the plane of Kaldheim their home. These beasts were “created at the birth of the world and dwelled in the void between the realms of Kaldheim.” Long story short, these creatures were born from The World Tree and serve as its guardians. Some of these beasts are pretty renowned between the realms of Kaldheim, while others are, more or less, unknown. Some of the other Cosmos Beasts are as follows:

  • Cosmina, God of the Voyage
  • Koma, Cosmos Serpent
  • Hakka, Whispering Raven
  • Vega, the Watcher

Sarulf, apparently, was a menace that created a lot of destruction between realms until he was captured. While bound in chains for some time, Sarulf managed to break free once again and is roaming across the realms again… at least until he seems to have been Compleated.

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Closing Notes

Between Sarulf and Toski as MTG cards, Toski unquestionably got to see more play during its time in Standard. Toski, Bearer of Secrets, is a rather pesky MTG card that can be pretty difficult to deal with. The little squirrel is indestructible and cannot be countered. It can also draw its owner a pile of cards as long as many creatures manage to connect with an opponent. The downsides mitigate things a bit – Toski can’t really block outside of its summoning sickness turn and won’t deal much damage on its own due to its subpar stats. The upside, however, far outweighs the downside, making this card quite powerful in creature-based Commander decks. This could partially cause the love for Toski over Sarulf, but Toski is also a squirrel, a beloved creature type by many in the EDH community.

CommandFest March of the Machine Art
CommandFest March of the Machine Art

As mentioned in a previous discussion, the other picture revealed as a part of the Orlando Command Fest shows something rather shocking. It seems like the corrupted Realmbreaker is incapable of holding up to The World Tree, drawing some interesting questions on the story’s progression. We don’t know enough to answer any questions yet, but there may be more to The World Tree than what meets the eye.

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