11, Oct, 22

MTG EDH Players are Opening Faulty Products for INSANE Value!

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Article at a Glance

The MTG world has had no exception of strange errors when releasing products. This only seems to have become more commonplace with recent products. One interesting error has players opening some insanely valuable MTG Warhammer Commander decks. The issue is that these decks cannot be played out-of-box. That said, recipients of this MTG Warhammer error should be able to sell half of their deck and buy another copy with the profits.

Landless EDH Prebuilt Decks?

While this deck is far from playable out-of-box, the secondary market value of this error is enormous. Instead of getting any basic lands, Twitter User weirdcards opened a Necron Dynasties EDH deck with duplicates (and sometimes triples) to almost every other card in the deck! This essentially doubles the expected value of the Necron deck, coming in at approximately $250, according to MTGgoldfish!

MTG Warhammer Error Duplicates Everywhere

This error may be more common than we think. A recent Reddit post appeared with its creator complaining about a similar error:

“I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but my Warhammer decks (Imperium and Tyranids) both came with all the cards, one copy of each except basic lands, all the requisite tokens, and the deck box and thick etched foil commander. It doesn’t seem like anyone else on this subreddit has encountered this error, so I’m wondering what I should do? Do I contact Wotc so they can send me a faulty one like everyone else? Thanks in advance.” – Crunchy_Lad

Unlike the previous error, our Redditor did not get any extra copies of the non-land Warhammer cards but instead received a deck with the Basic Lands missing. No pictures were added to this claim, so some Redditors doubt the legitimacy of Crunchy_Lad’s complaint.

That said, some other Redditors mention that this issue has been affecting other players:

“You’re not alone. Luckily all my decks are fine, but I have heard of this happening to others.” – Monty2451

“Happened to me also. What are my rights as a consumer?” – TanRoyalRazor

“I did end up going back and checking mine and found I had 2 command towers in the esper deck! My necron deck was fine. 50% success. Good target for QC.” – Level2intern

From these posts, we can infer that the rate that players are getting duplicates varies heavily. Some decks have almost all of the nonland cards duplicated (this seems to be most commonly happening with the Necron Dynasties decks), while other decks only have a few choice cards, or the tokens alone, duplicated. If you’re unlucky, like our Redditor, you may not receive any extra cards, yet your deck will be unplayable out-of-box. Fortunately, Basic Lands are not hard to replace but may ruin the impeccable aesthetics of the MTG Warhammer product.

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This Just Gets Weirder

To make this story seem even stranger, it looks like these error decks are capable of having cards within them that are supposed to be in other Warhammer EDH decks. Weirdcards, for example, got one copy of Nurgle’s Rot in their error Necron Dynasties deck. Nurgle’s Rot is a card that is supposed to appear in the Ruinous Powers EDH deck. Ironically, Nurgle’s Rot is a black card playable in the Necron Dynasties deck.

Wizards can Help You

As usual, if you are the unlikely recipient of an error product like this, Wizards of the Coast’s customer service can help you get the product as intended. It seems like many players are hesitant to reach out to customer service, but they are generally very good when dealing with error products. You may have to wait a bit to get a response depending on how many errors they have to deal with, but you should be able to get a replacement within a reasonable time frame.

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Will this Affect Secondary Market Prices?

Judging from the number of players who seem to be affected by this duplicate problem, it looks like this issue may be more common than expected. That said, I do not think this will be prevalent enough to affect secondary market prices on Warhammer singles. As usual, these errors are generally the exception and not the rule. That said, the prospect of opening a valuable Warhammer deck, even if unintended, is a bit exciting.

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